Politics of Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Source: mercy bolus

The run-off election from a different perspective

- why your vote matters.

Think out your voting tactics and don’t be fooled by any empty promises

Ghana is currently a performing country with a slogan - backwards never.

Vote for the party who you think have policies that would make a difference.

Vote for the party with a track record of performance and achievement; and have invested heavily into research and development

Vote for the party who have allowed Ghana to have freedom of speech.

Vote for the party that is working towards the freedom of information bill

Vote for the party which is creating opportunities for the needy and vulnerable through planned programmes.

Vote with your head with the future in mind and not with your stomach.

Ghana needs a change but to what direction?

Cast your vote based on policies and not personalities.

Let’s stick to the policies and see which policies would actually bring change to Ghana from bottom up level.

Let’s us stick to the strategic policies and the sustainable strategies of the party of your choice.

Forget about who will be our next leader and base your decisions purely on the policies.

We need a leader to take Ghana to the next stage of our economic recovery.

Who would this be? Could be NPP or NDC leader. Ghana’s future is in your hands.

December 28 2008 is your time to steer that direction.

Cast your vote and create real economic growth and stability.

Vote now. Thank you so much.