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Nana Akufo-Addo takes lead forward in 142 certified results

Comment: npp must win

2008-12-10 11:05:27
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Nana Akufo-Addo takes lead forward in 142 certifie

no one nd this goes to npp..shd hlp bring the ndc into beholds on ghaians nd asuch the npp to safeguard this nation nd let ghanaians knw the satkes letn ndc come back agen..we wwnt no benyaiwaa doe,tony aidoo,konadu,the rawlings,nd the likes,victor smith nd so on who cnt set any good example for the youth of ghana,we want to see leaders who are positive ,who aspire good life,who by no means come into power poor,hungry nd nw walk arond as hypocrites spaeakin to ghanaians..these are pplwho wnt to come to power as avengeance to the npp...we do well knw thns not the best,but better of with the npp...nd showed in the elections that ghanaians styl hav tht confidence..tell a fren to tell a fren to vote nana,to vote 4 u,to vote 4 better ur has never mattered than wht we have at is a long battle but this is not elections just walkin around and lookin beggarish 4 votes..semin like a god sent..please we live on earth nd we want issues..nd ppl shdnt b deceived by so called ndc ppl singin gospels nd seeminlike angels...we want a better ghana..we live in one ghana where we dnt wnt tribalism nd npp overlooke dtht nd exactly what the ndc did in the central,volta region nd we must get down just lik tht...god bless ghana

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12-09 13:10
npp must win
12-10 11:05