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Mills refused to accept Nana Konadu’s choice of Betty Mould-Idrissu as Veep - Prof Ahwoi

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2020-08-13 09:50:54
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Prof Ahwoi’s book: Mills refused to accept Nana

Nana konadu Agyemang Rawlings is so chicanery and a Jezabel incarnate to say the least. She single handedly orchestrated the sour relationship between Rawlings and the party he founded with his blood. She's so much of herself to an extent that it's either her or the water gets muddied. Nana konadu is so greedy and full of herself to an extent that after her husband had led the PNDC/NDC and Ghana for matter for close to two decades,she also wanted to take over the party and Ghana,by any means possible, whether hook or crook.Why is it a family property or inheritance or monarchy? And when the majority of the party faithful who stood by the party in thick and thin refused her on her foolish and shameful bit,he Stoke her husband and a few gullible and disgruntled sycophants, hypocrites and stomach directed buffoons against the NDC. I am attempted to believe pastor Badu kobi's, admonishment "that no man should marry an Ashanti woman because they make no good wife's". Whilst at this,president Mills of blessed memory is to be blamed to a very large extent for the palpable wrecked and sour relationship between the Rawlings' and his faction against the rest of the NDC,for turning his back against a man(Rawlings) who single handedly made him his Veep and subsequently president against all odds and stiff opposition. To add insults to injuries he made selfish and greedy criminals in the conglomerate of thieves Kuffour government to go scout free from all their lootings and sins against the country Ghana and thereby givings them more room and confidence to operate even into this present Akufu-addo's confused, incompetent, bigotry, hegemony, tyrant and pseudo government.

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Re: Prof Ahwoi’s book: Mills refused to accept Nan
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