Politics of Monday, 20 February 2012

Source: PPP

PPP To rescue Ghana's democracy

Progressive People People’s Party (PPP) Parliamentary aspirant for the Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency, William Dowokpor has appealed to Ghanaians to exercise their franchise in the 2012 general elections in defense of the country’s democracy which he believes is under real threat from the old political parties.

William Dowokpor wants Ghanaians to reject the old parties whose pre-occupation for the past 20 years has been winning elections only, while relegating good governance to the background. He said the essence of political power in a democratic dispensation, is completely lost on the old parties, making the emergence of the PPP on the political landscape an absolute necessity for the sustenance of democracy and good governance.

Without good governance which is the pre-requisites for the country’s economic transformation, our so called democracy will be meaningless to the Ghanaian. He expressed disappointment at the Mills administration’s blatant refusal to facilitate the development and implementation of a long term national development plan, in place of the “Better Ghana” slogan which remains a mirage, charging that government had failed to deliver good governance to the people of Ghana.

Addressing constituents at West Legon on Saturday night, the PPP parliamentary aspirant warned that: “When the head of Monitoring and Evaluation of the Policy Unit at the Office of the President, Dr. Tony Aidoo, goes to sit on JOY FM radio and expresses frustration at his inability to assess the performance of key Government functionaries including the implementation of Cabinet decisions, because he does not get the information he needs, we should not sit down and assume every thing is fine with our democracy. Governance in this country is still bad and we need to change this administration at the December elections if we want to make progress”

If government can not monitor and evaluate the performance of its own functionaries, it is clearest indication that government is not working properly and needs to be changed at the next opportunity through the ballot box, he charged.

William Dowokpor said a key priority of the PPP when it comes to power would be the enhancement of government performance for the efficient and effective discharge of its responsibilities to all sections of Ghanaian society. “Unlike the old parties, the PPP envisions transforming Ghana into a high income country within a decade, through the implementation of the ten point agenda contained in our political platform for the transformation of Ghana, which will be revealed at our First National Convention next week” he added.

Touching on some of the issues of concern to residents of the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency, he attributed the high youth unemployment rate, non reliability of water and electricity supply; as well as the lack of other public services such as bad roads and security to life and property, to the absence of proper representation of the constituents. He said the constituency needed a strong voice that will advocate and agitate for their needs to be addressed.

“I therefore come as the referendum “MP” who will involve you in the decisions and contributions I will make in parliament. You will be involved in the governance of the constituency. I have demonstrated that already, working closely with the Dzorwulu Residents Association for instance to resolve some of our community problems. We need to get it right this year in Ayawaso West Wuogon or the next four years will continue to be frustrating for all of us” the PPP parliamentary aspirant concluded.

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