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General News of Friday, 2 May 2008

Source: Reformed Patriotic Democrats

NPP Insensitive to the plight of Ghanaians ? - RPD


Reformed Patriotic Democrats (R.P.D.) wishes to express her utmost dissatisfaction with NPP and their insensitivity to the plight of Ghanaians resulting from series of events we all bear witness. The ordinary Ghanaian is suffering from a lot of problems which obviously does not seem to be a priority of the ruling government. It is unfortunate to note that the ordinary Ghanaian pays so much for electricity, water, fuel and transportation as well as various taxes, yet little is received in return.

The gross insensitivity manifests most, when it comes to the several ad hoc measures which is similar to the "the rains and vulture" attitude of handling very pertinent national issues.

R.P.D. registers her disappointment way back to the first time Prof Mike Oquaye was appointed the minister of Energy and in the midst of crisis he openly stated that "I am not an energy expert"! yet the President could not even put him in check immediately fire him for incompetence, only because he is a class mate. On another occasion, it was Dr. Richard Anane whose caliber of intellect, Ghana does not have among the 22 million population and as such his position was left vacant for about one whole year till he (Dr. Anane) was available to occupy "His glorious" position when he had finished dealing with his court issue.

RPD continues to mention that, it was most disappointing when the chief of staff, Mr. Kwadwo Mpianim went to parliament to defend the budget for the construction of the Presidential palace. He incredible mentioned that, our honourable MPs who have been mandated by the good people of Ghana to represent our interest are quizzing him as if they have never built houses before and emphatically stated with impunity that if the amount he is demanding is not enough, he will come back for more. We blame collectively our parliament, because it is the highest decision body of the land to allow such a ridiculous attitude to be tolerated on the floor of parliament on a decision that affects today and future generation. We all are aware that the amount involved in the construction of the palace is a significant quota of our national budget. It is amazing as expressed by R.P.D. to think through such an implausible incident when we have architects, quantity surveyors, material engineers and consultants all over the country to work on such a useful project, yet such expertise seem not have been employed or sort. It is inconceivable to realize that any individual comes to the floor of parliament to slur the intelligence of the whole nation and sail through with a bullying equanimity.

About fortnight ago, the Chief executive of the Accra Metropolitan Authority (AMA) brought his bit, to either console, flatter, impress or probably to solicit vote from defaulting Ghanaians. To remind ourselves, it was published in the Daily Graphic that, the AMA will henceforth not demolish any buildings located in water ways. The amusing reason stated was, " the cost of building materials is now high". This is where we have a problem with what the ruling government takes Ghanaians for. RPD wishes to enquire when in the history of Ghana has the cost of building material been cheep relative to the income levels of our people. I wonder the rationale behind that statement by AMA and assure the ruling government that, every Ghanaian in this time and age is very wide awake and very discerning to distinguish between reality and fallacy. Amidst the construction in water ways, flooding and loss of lives and property, if AMA tells Ghanaians they are not demolishing any more houses, then our question is, as all encroachers fall under one defaulting umbrella, what is the consideration for those who suffered from the demolishing exercise of "Yesterday" for which others who were not affected are now / " Today" excused or exempt? Do our leaders plan at all, for one to even infer that there is anything like prudent decision for national development?

However, who constructed the pedestrian shopping mall at circle around the Odorna? How long did it take for traders to suffer loses resulting from floods and who was compensated as a result of improper planning and construction? Was it constructed in a water way? If it was who supervised its construction? If not, how come floods destroyed traders wares? This kind of situation is what RPD will never make Ghanaians go through unattended to when voted into power. We will entreat all Ghanaians to wake up so we put the ruling NPP in check, so we are not taken for granted. We of the Reformed Patriotic Democrats (RPD) say it is unfortunate that, the AMA issues such a statement at the beginning of April, proposing construction of trenches or canals to cater for April to July rains and its resultant floods. This is too preposterous. We need to find out what the AMA does in collaboration with the meteorological department, National disaster management organization (NADMO), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other stakeholders in environmental management and safety towards the welfare of Ghanaians. I wonder if our leaders really understand what they present to Ghanaians and do not only read out what might have been typed out for them by some script write and in haste to represent just anything for the common Ghanaian to listen, thereby, succeeding in diverting attention from pertinent issues and wasting air time debating unattainable rhetoric schemes.

Reformed Patriotic Democrats (RPD) wishes to state that, if our leaders really know what they desire to present to the populace and still do it the way it happens then, we cannot pardon them. Otherwise, they should confess they are only figure heads and do anything that only suggests that, somebody is occupying their position so that as nation, we may consider helping revise how appointments into certain positions are made. The emphasis here is the fact that, if the AMA boss is aware of what it entails in constructing canals, ha would not have made the mistake of mentioning the CONCTRUCTION of canals at the beginning of April as a measure to solving or accommodating floods in April through to July only to experience floods in some parts of Accra a few day after mention has been made of canals and the drawings on the construction of those canals might not have even been talked about.

Aside all the things mentioned, there is a raging phenomenon which suggests that, most of our members of parliament (MPs) who are incompetent are becoming unpopular. We deem it a positive drive. MPs who are incompetent, so did nothing for their constituents and were only enjoying the credit of their association with certain political parties, which made them enter parliament more than once are now struggling. This has set them (sitting MPs) begrudging and writing derogatory reports / petitions on all competent candidates who want to contest them at the primaries. I believe after the state has wasted her resources on such MPs for between eight (8) and twelve years (12), there is no need we continue such financial loses. I always have said and emphasize that, after being in parliament for two terms and more, you need nobody to tell your competitor at the primaries to back out, because your good deeds must say it all.

A few instances where we have very disappointing MPs who have been ministers since the inception of President Kuffuor?s administration include; Mr. Hackman Owusu Agyeman of New Juaben constituency ? E/R, Mr. Kwanima Bartels of Ablekuma constituency ? Gt. A/R, Mr. Kwadwo Baah Wiredu of Asanti Akim North constituency ? A/R just to mention a hand full. They did nothing worthwhile for their constituents and I wonder what extraordinary personalities their colleagues in other constituencies were, with which they served their constituencies so well that at certain instances they were given a unanimous support to be unopposed as their aspirant MPs for another term.

It has been observed that, most of the non performing MPs are those who glorify themselves with the notion that they have money and can by the people when it is time for election. I plead with Ghanaians to help us desist from allowing ourselves be hoodwink by some little money given out during electioneering period only to cast our vote to incompetent leaders and later complain. The simple analogy here is that, "he who buys anything with his money decides what to do with that item". So if we allow our conscience to be bought with money by MPs who are non-performing, then definitely, they will decide how to manipulate or deal with the leadership bought with Ghana?s money. I will say that when they bring the money, it Ghana?s so do not reject it, even if they demand a spiritual commitment, still take it yet use your head to vote and have no fear, we will pray for your deliverance because we serve a living GOD who does all things. We the RPD believe that at a certain point, it is an act of greed other than desire to serve on the part of MPs who have been in parliament for three (3) terms and wish to go back and waste Ghana?s scarce resources when after 12 years in parliament, they have not positively affected their constituents. As RPD always advocates, the time for real Change is now. Let us as a people move away from the stereotyped party belongingness which blinds us to vote for party carlours instead of competence on the part of persons who present themselves for leadership positions, after all colours do not debate or decide in parliament. I guarantee that, the future generation will never forgive us if we do not take responsible decisions in our choice of leaders to save the nation from the hands of selfish, incompetent and profligate figure heads who only know how to lavish with our few Gh. cedis and not seek the welfare of their constituents. We believe every Ghanaian is aware of the saying "the future of every nation lies in the hands of the youth" and know there are several examples to mention, with an endless list. Almost all the ideologists the world has produced were youthful and innovative and can name some as, Martin Luther King Jnr., Carl Max, Malcolm X, and our own illustrious son Dr. Kwame Nkrumah were all people in their late 40s and not in their early 70s. Our own president, His Excellency J.A. Kuffuor and Mr. J. H. Mensah were appointed into ministry at 29years and 34years respectively. From this experience, who is the youngest appointee in His Excellency J.A. Kuffuor?s government? "Let us remember, leadership in our country is NEVER the preserve of the AGED".

Sincerely, Ghanaians are suffering and the observation is, the continuous increases in fuel prices, electricity and water tariffs and numerous taxes at the ports and harbours which affects the cost of everything in the country resulting from the mismanagement of the aging folks. The youth must get involved for change and Ghana will be a better place.

Eventually, Reformed Patriotic Democrats (R.P.D.) is the only party that promises Ghana hope and it is God?s challenge for the young and visionary leaders to save mother Ghana. With innovation and youth empowerment through job creation and sound economic policies we assure Ghanaians of a better governance and economic development.

Long Live Reformed Patriotic Democrats (R.P.D.), "Youth in serve for development"!

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