Politics of Tuesday, 7 February 2012

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NPP Chairman damns Mills

“He is a disaster”

William Kwapong, Chairman of the New Patriotic Party at the newly-inaugurated Glowlamp polling station in the Krowor constituency of the Greater Accra region, at the weekend descended heavily on President Mills, describing him as the “the most incompetent” president ever to rule the nation.

He cautioned the nation against the temptation of renewing his mandate in the December 7 elections, on the basis that he has just been in the driving seat of government for a term.

“President Mills has been a complete disaster looking at developments in the country since he assumed office. The Woyome scandal, for instance, has come as a clear confirmation that he not in charge and that some people are remote-controlling him. Ghanaians should be careful about this man who just came to destroy the nation. He has just been a disaster and a second term for him will spell the doom of the nation,” Mr Kwapong stated.

He was speaking during the inauguration of the Glowlamp polling station, which coincided with the swearing-in of the five-member executive together with the other 15 polling station campaign team by Nii Ayikoi Otoo, NPP parliamentary candidate for the Krowor constituency.

The rest of the executive are Angel Abbam Francis, Secretary, Nana Offei Wuta, Youth Organiser, Kennedy Oppong Osei, Organiser, and Nana Yaa Dura, a.k.a Osono Maame, Women Organiser.

According to Mr Kwapong, Ghana now needs “political salvation which can only be provided by the NPP with Nana Addo in charge.”

He called on the electorate to have confidence in Nana Akufo-Addo, presidential candidate of the NPP, and support him to win the December 7 elections, stressing: “That is certainly the only way to prevent further stagnation in the socio-economic forward march of the country whose solid foundation was laid by President Kufuor.

“We are all living testimonies of what the NPP under President Kufuor did and what the NDC under President Mills is doing. Any objective-minded person has now come to the conclusion that the NPP represents progress while the NDC stands for retrogression. That is why we need to save this nation by voting out incompetent Mills to pave the way for Nana Addo to continue from President Kufuor left off,” the NPP Chairman added.

Mr Kwapong called on all NPP members and supporters to remain united at all times to ensure a well-focused campaign, adding: “We also need to continue to sacrifice and not look at what we stand to gain immediately from working for the party.”

A member of the 20-member campaign team, Eric Adolf Buenortey, in an interview with the New Statesman, called for vigilance at the polling stations during the impending registration of voters, and especially on the day of voting.

“You see, every indication points to the fact that the NDC has been rejected by the electorate even before the December 7, but we need to be very vigilant on the ground to prevent them from using any political trick to steal the people’s mandate,” Mr Buenortey cautioned.

Mr William Kwapong


Mr Eric Buenortey