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Politics of Monday, 6 December 2004

Source: Chronicle

NDC Members Shun Dr. Aryeh

The Disgraced General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC Dr. Josiah Aryeh, was at the weekend isolated by his members including former president Rawlings who failed to shake hands with him at the rally ground.

Dr. Aryeh who mustered courage to attend his party's regional rally at the Accra Hearts Oak Park last Saturday after ignominious cash-induced carpet-crossing endeavour failed during the week, had a shock of his life when his party members who were greeting executives members of the party on the high table politely side-stepped him.

The dignitaries on the high table included, him (Dr. Aryeh), who came earlier to cover his seat, others were Dr. Obed Asamoah the chairman of the party, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, former president Rawlings Bongoman, Professor Asomdwehen Evans Atta Mills and his wife Mrs. Naaadu Mill.

Dr. Aryeh who was seated next to two people after professor Mills and three people after former president Rawlings was so isolated by his party members including the dignitaries that he never spoke to any of the members on the high table till the end of the program. Members of the party who came to shake hands with the dignitaries also bypassed him.

The woes Dr. Aryeh started some while last week when he was reported to have held several meetings with members of the ruling NPP government to pour out his frustrations about his party and possible defection.

The NPP members who held meetings with Dr. Aryeh included, Mr. Stephen Nti second vice chairman of the party Mr. Kwamena Bartels, Minister for private sector development.

The report stated that Mr. Nti gave Dr. Aryeh $300 after he had explained his frustrations and the financial difficulties he was going through as the general secretary of the NDC including the break down of his car.

During the entire program, one could see from the face of Dr. Aryeh that he was uncomfortable. Dr. Aryeh was however given the opportunity to explain to the thousands of the NDC supporters who have gathered at the Accra Hearts Oak Park his infamous dinning with the NPP top members.

He said " When people think that they are burying you, they don't realize that they are double stepping into the world of their own corruption, their own sense of victimization" referring to the NPP as trying to bury him.

He continued that in the post reconciliation Ghana what we have, the refrain is 'to burry your enemy, bury your foe, but God sees all these things, again referring to the NPP as trying to bury him.

Dr. Aryeh maintained that the NDC has been into trials and tribulations over the past four years but they us individuals have been able to prevail because they take inspirations from their leaders and their founder that no mater what happens to them as individuals the truth would come out because God sees the truth.

On his part Asomdwehene professor Mills claimed that the NPP government led by President John Agyekum Kufuor was trying to cripple democracy in the country by trying to poach important personalities like Dr. Aryeh of the NDC.

Professor Mills explained that he has kept quiet on the Aryeh affair because investigations have not been completed but added that the right thing would be done after the investigations are completed.