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School Fees in Ghana

  • University Fees for 2002/03

    School Fees for 2001/2002

    Government's directive to senior secondary/technical school heads on fees to be charged SSS 1 students before being admitted for the current 2001/2002 academic year. The directive lists six items to be charged by the schools whether the student has been admitted as a day student or a boarder.
    Admission fee:    25,000
    Students Representative Council (SRC) dues: 1,000; 
    Entertainment fee: 2,000; 
    Science Resource Centre fee: 4,000; 
    Library fee: 5,000; 
    Examination stationery fee: 12,000.
    Those admitted as boarders are to pay, in addition
    Boarding fee of  392,000 per term
    bed user fee of  2,000
    total amount for Day Student= 49,000 fee for boarders = 443,000. Government has decided to absorb about "310,000 per student to cover items that include sanitation and health, sports and games, science practicals, day-to-day running of the schools, maintenance of school buildings and classroom furniture, and such utility services as water, electricity and telephones.