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#Dropthatchamber: I’d have 'slapped Ernesto for shameful, wrong behaviour' - Adei

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2019-07-17 15:09:38
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#Dropthatchamber: I’d have 'slapped Ernesto for

Look here, the Acheampong -Akuffu and Rawlings days are over!! If some of you people were grown up then, you will understand clearly. We shouldn't set a precedent whereby any little thing then we walk to the Parliament house to shout eg I can't see my MP so I go there and shout threatening to take my life, and the next time shouting " drop that chamber", whereas there are civil ways to go about these thing. Kwaku Baah, Rawlings and the likes fid same in the 70s and that resulted in setting the forward movement of our nation over 20years backwards. I know certain people benefited from that singular act, let's not give them another chance! We may not know what befalls us this time! Let's pause and look at Syria, Libya, the incidence of the Arab spring etc. Let's not pamper perpetrators of these acts. It may mean more harm than good to the entire nation. #stopthatnonsense.

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Re: #Dropthatchamber: I’d have 'slapped Ernesto fo
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