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#Dropthatchamber: I’d have 'slapped Ernesto for shameful, wrong behaviour' - Adei

Comment: RUBBISH!!!

Al Hajj AAA-Rashid(OH.)
2019-07-17 12:29:01
Comment to:
#Dropthatchamber: I’d have 'slapped Ernesto for

With all your education both home and abroad, is that the best solution you have to solving dissent in a democracy? I am appalled by your statement and to be honest with you, Prof. Adei you are a disgrace to academia. If you think slapping is the best way to solve such problems why not go and look for Ernesto and try slapping him? Your ass would have been whipped till you pee in your diapers. A diaper wearing dotard trying to slap a young man less than half his age...lmao. Talk is cheap!

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07-17 09:42
Al Hajj AAA-Rashid(OH.)
07-17 12:29