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#Dropthatchamber: I’d have 'slapped Ernesto for shameful, wrong behaviour' - Adei

Comment: A disappointing Prof. Adei

2019-07-17 11:59:34
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#Dropthatchamber: I’d have 'slapped Ernesto for

I am disappointed in you Prof. Adei. What's wrong with a young man airing his view? Parliament takes hope less and sometimes useless decisions on behalf of all of us and you don't people to express their displeadure? To hell with "Comtempt of Parliament". Our Parliamentarians are only people who read 'black &white' and fails to apply expertise and compentence in decision making. You now have a Government appointment so you want to "slap"-yooo. We are seeing u pple. We are suffering now bcos your generation looked on for stupid things to happen. Now we are saying no more, and u have the voice to want to slap...? God forgive u.

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07-17 09:42
A disappointing Prof. Adei
07-17 11:59