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#Dropthatchamber: I’d have 'slapped Ernesto for shameful, wrong behaviour' - Adei

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2019-07-17 10:01:21
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#Dropthatchamber: I’d have 'slapped Ernesto for

It beats my mind when ndc don't see the down fall of their party and talk tras*h. They behave like Kwaku Ananse who think he had all the brains and put them in a pot and fixed it around his belly and started climbing a tree with it. How possible and that is ndc! they never learn and always think everyone has shallow mind like them . Sit in your ghetto and think the whole Ghana is in the headquarters of the ndc so you can speak for them and forget about when you were in power and deceived yourselves with "JM TOASO" and Onaapo and found yourselves in 44% to opposition ! Forget about creating unemployed graduates association who are now working, forget about your cancellation of the teacher and nurses trainee allowances which has been restored and forget about your free SHS in 20 years ! Kwaku Ananse be in your own self and enjoy nsafufuo under the baobab tree and spit in large quantities and shout and sing that you've won 2020 at all cost with no policies, no clue, no alternative ideas and in your dreams Ghana is hard and you will weep to your

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Re: #Dropthatchamber: I’d have 'slapped Ernesto fo
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