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We'll force Speaker to resign – Fighters

Comment: The betrayal and abuse of the peoples po

Nana Boadu
2019-07-08 17:56:09
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We'll force Speaker to resign – Fighters

The protestation and outrage about the new chamber should go beyond termination of the project. A clear and compelling message needs to be sent to the political class who should no longer take the people for granted. They should be reminded that their so called power is derived from the people and the power of the people is always greater than the people in power.

The people should demand accountability from the stewardship of our leaders for being good citizens and not spectators as admonished by the President himself. The MPs and the leaders cannot remain insensitive to the plight of the ordinary. They were sent to Parliament to seek their comfort and live as kings.

This buffoonery must cease effectively. The Speaker should step down immediately for spearheading this project in the first place. He has not demonstrated true leadership and overriding concern for national interest. He's an apologist. Separately, the Parliamentary Service Board should be immediately dissolved as well for proposing a new chamber. Both the Majority and Minority Leaders must be recalled or kicked out from their respective positions. This effort and initiative is non partisan. These leaders are deranged or delusional who should not be maintained in public office since they're not for the public interest

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The betrayal and abuse of the peoples po
Nana Boadu
07-08 17:56