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Minority in Parliament petitions IMF, World Bank over $2bn Chinese deal

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Col. Q
2018-08-22 14:03:39
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Minority in Parliament petitions IMF, World Bank o

Since when did Ghana start refining bauxite into alumina?? Ghana cannot even provide enough electricity to cover its present energy needs and we are talking about smelting bauxite into alumina! Dumsor has now become "technical faults"! For those of you who don't know, it requires an enormous amount of electrical energy to smelter or refine the bauxite into alumina, even valco which simply "melt" aluminium ingots to produce its aluminium products is always begging for electrical power to keep it running even at MINIMUM CAPACITY! As usual Bawumia and NPP are at it again throwing sand in the eyes of Ghanaians; they left out VERY IMPORTANT DETAILS AND FACTS AND CONCEALED THESE FROM GHANAIANS AND PRESENTED A MIRAGE!!! By the time Ghanaians realize this, its too late! IN EFFECT WHAT NPP IS DOING NOW , IN ALL ITS PROGRAMMES AND PROJECTS ARE SIMPLY REPACKAGED NDC PROJECTS AND POLICIES. THE EMPHASIS LIES ON "REPACKAGE" (See e.g. cutting sods at ongoing financially secured projects started by NDC and trying to claim credits for them). Ghanaians should shine their eyes well, well, because there are too many lies flying around - our politicians are battling themselves at the expense of the Ghanaians!!!

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08-22 12:23
Re: Minority in Parliament petitions IMF, World Ba
Col. Q
08-22 14:03