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Minority in Parliament petitions IMF, World Bank over $2bn Chinese deal

Comment: Unbelievable!!

2018-08-22 13:08:34
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Minority in Parliament petitions IMF, World Bank o

What a bunch of losers! Where is our independence as a country to take our own decisions to advance our own development? So we can't even take our own decisions without running to the slave master for his opinion? Ato Forson are you mad or just plain stupid. Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? Very disappointed with the minority. You did the same thing with the so called Ken Bond, sent Ablakwa on a useless mission to the US and what became of all that noise? At least there is a government in power who are determined to think outside the box and use our Bauxite as a batter exchange to develop the country for all Ghanaians and idiots like you and your generation to benefit from. What did your government do just before they left power? You clandestinely signed off our Bauxite to Ibrahim Mahama, the brother of the then president to mine and share the wealth amongst you for a hand full of you to benefit and you have the nerve to run to IMF and world bank to challenge what? Unbelievable, unpatriotic evil greedy bastards. You sat at parliament and approved this deal and turn round to bastardise it? Same as you did with Ghana card, you approve deals and then run to the public to condemn the very thing you approved. What the hell is wrong with you people?

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