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Tamale Polytechnic

tamaleTamale Polytechnic was established in 1950 as a Trade School. The Trade School was later converted into a Technical Institute in 1963, and in 1984, it was upgraded to the status of a non-tertiary Polytechnic with a responsibility to offer advanced/craft, technician and diploma programmes.

In 1993, and the Polytechnic was further upgraded to the level of a tertiary institution with five others, in the country, namely, Accra, Cape Coast, Kumasi, Ho, and Takoradi as part of the educational reforms which the PNDC Government were pursing.

This necessitated the promulgation of PNDC law 321, which authorized the Polytechnics to offer Higher National Diploma (HND) programmes. It is therefore the mission of Tamale Polytechnic to train highly skilled, career focused, professional middle level manpower through the provision of HND programmes in several disciplines.

Presently there are three schools in the polytechnic; School of Business, School of Engineering School and the School of Applied Sciences.

Tamale Polytechnic has a unique character among all Polytechnic in the country. It is the only Polytechnic which runs s Technical Institute alongside a Polytechnic. It has maintained the Technical Institute with the hope that products of the craft and technician programmes will be trained to finally move up to do the HND.

Tamale Polytechnic

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