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koforiduaKoforidua Polytechnic, though one of the new polytechnics in the country, has made commendable strides in achieving the objectives of establishing the polytechnic institutions in Ghana. With the objectives of establishing the polytechnic clearly in focus, Koforidua Polytechnic has established itself through the motto: “Technology for Development” .

From a humble beginning of thirty-three (33) students in 1997, the student population has increased steadily to five thousand one hundred and twenty-nine (5,129) as at the beginning of the 2011/12 academic year.

The staff population has also increased from eight (8) in 1997 to five hundred and seventy-eight (578) in 2012.

The Programmes the Polytechnic offers have also increased from mainly Business related to Applied Science, Engineering and BTech Programmes. Currently, Koforidua Polytechnic is the only polytechnic in Ghana offering the Renewable Energy Systems Engineering programme. The running of this programme has positioned Koforidua Polytechnic ahead of its peers in playing impartial roles in meeting the current and future energy needs of the country.

Higher education continuously faces changes as a result of increased globalization, competition on the local and international environment, and demands for transparency and accountability. Such changes create continuous challenges to which Koforidua Polytechnic must respond.

In its vision, the Polytechnic acknowledges the reality of these challenges by the strategic objectives it seeks to achieve in the pursuit of becoming a leading Polytechnic offering high quality career-focused education for national development.

The Polytechnic looks forward to a brighter future, confident that the potential and dedication of its staff will overcome the challenges facing it. Growth in student numbers and the variety of courses has to be enhanced by emphasis on the harmonization of courses, quality and excellence in research.

To succeed in its mission for quality education, Koforidua Polytechnic has adopted an approach characterized by self-critical attitude towards its procedures. External evaluation complements internal procedures.

Koforidua Polytechnic has defined a mechanism of quality assurance that represents a transparent system of accountability.

The Polytechnic is one of the Polytechnics in the public system in Ghana and is anxious to make its mark and position itself among the other competing sister polytechnics. Though an educational institution, it believes in the principles of quality Corrective Action (CAPA) by which institutions strive for customer satisfaction just as it is in business work flows.

Therefore, it sees quality performance as a powerful competitive weapon, therefore, views quality performance as the criteria in its service production to all stakeholders. Koforidua Polytechnic aims for customer satisfaction, therefore, believes that ‘quality is not an accident; it is always the result of an intelligent effort'. As a process in its first 5-year Strategic Plan, Koforidua Polytechnic has taken steps to observe standards.

A Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) has been constituted to bring about a cultural change in students' and staff's thinking about quality education. The committee is working steadily but unobtrusively to bring about the desired change. It is believed that positive change cannot be imposed from above; it has to evolve from the grass roots. Such a process takes time, and the beneficial outcomes are not always readily apparent.

The QAC works on the premise that the best way to ensure high quality education and services is to build on the Polytechnic's present strength. In strategic terms, the committee seeks to;

1. Reinforce quality education and services where it already exist

2. Help with remedial action where quality education and services are endangered

3. Demonstrate that measures are being taken to ensure that quality throughout the Polytechnic is maintained.

At Koforidua Polytechnic, the student is placed at the centre of our policies and programmes.

Our student-centred approach shows in the variety of ways our programmes are packaged; this allows all categories of prospective students to be admitted to pursue programmes of their choice. Prospective students make their choice from among the following:

i. Morning Session

ii. Evening Session

iii. Weekend Session (Doorstep)

iv. Vacation Modular Programmes (where students can finish their originally designated three (3) year programmes in two (2) years).

In addition, there are Programme Advisory Committees who work to make programmes relevant to industry and strengthen the Polytechnic's link with industry and future employers. Through innovation, dedication and team-work, the Koforidua Polytechnic positions itself as the Polytechnic of choice, not only in Ghana, but also in the West African sub-region.

The stride made by the Polytechnic is phenomenal, and it shall continue to work tirelessly to produce graduates of value for self and national development. The Polytechnic continuously provides the required equipment and improves the quality of faculty and research staff.

Equipping students with critical analytic and innovative employable skills is the goal; therefore, the public, employers and other stakeholders are always welcome to scrutinize programmes and approaches of the polytechnic so that the products of the Polytechnic continue to attract proper placements in the job market.

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