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$200m judgement debt looms as gov’t pushes UNIPASS to replace GCNet and West Blue

Comment: Scare Mongering

2020-02-29 06:18:06
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$200m judgement debt looms as gov’t pushes UNIPA

As for the NDC there is no country called Ghana but rather they have a country called Mahama and their capital city is called NDC. These people are so entrenched in their Selfish Interest and if that would result in the shutting down of our Ghana they don't mind.
When they are losing a contract because it is not viable, sustainable and costly for the state,look at their propaganda. You ask yourself do these people really care for the generality of Ghana?
The answer is no because if this is Ghana that they have used and ruled for 27 years then Ghanaians you must note they don't like to believe they from this our Ghana....

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