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Ivory Coast destroys tonnes of dangerous rice rejected by Ghana

Comment: Ghana our beloved country is free foreve

2019-04-18 01:04:33
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Ivory Coast destroys tonnes of dangerous rice reje

Dear listeners, as a citizen of mother Ghana I wish to advise our foreign brothers and Sisters as well as Ghanaians who are political handicap to desist from "Stupid, Foolish, Idiots etc. In fact no President in Ghana since Independent is foolish or stupid as yu guys saying and Considering the peculiar nature of typical Ghanaians which is good morning, afternoon and evening, as well as PLEASE in every minute to one anothr ,this kind of comments is not part of our culture. Moreover note that when the ear failed to listen and the head cut off, they go together. You can't be sitting on a branch of a tree while cutting it. Some even said "Ghana is a shit hole country" but you are living in it. those in support of that should mention one of the W/A countries better than Ghana? I have been observing comments on this platform for sometime now and only few comments are meaningful and reasonable. Pls let's serve the purpose this platform by sending solutions to problems and not Insults. I stand to be corrected .

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04-17 16:33
Ghana our beloved country is free foreve
04-18 01:04