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Greedy officials of BoG, Ministry of Finance deposited monies at Menzgold - Ken Ofori Atta

Comment: Incompetence and lawlessness

2018-11-23 12:05:14
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Greedy officials of BoG, Ministry of Finance depos

How can an institution allegedly involved in am obvious ponzi scheme be allowed to operate defrauding citizens of billions.

Are we in a country of lawlessness where criminals are allowed to operate with impunity and defrauded citizens are convicted of greed?

Im developed countries the SEC and other criminal justice department branches would have easily shut this entire scheme down with just one audit of the books.

Its a shame to hear the honorable minister not call for quick and swift justice to try to salvage some of investor's funds and yet rather demonize and convict the victims of greed!

No wonder they refer to us as shit hole countries.

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11-21 17:44
Incompetence and lawlessness
11-23 12:05