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Greedy officials of BoG, Ministry of Finance deposited monies at Menzgold - Ken Ofori Atta

Comment: Insensitive and dumb minister

2018-11-22 04:05:12
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Greedy officials of BoG, Ministry of Finance depos

Insensitive Governement! Is that all your immatured Minister could say and that is it?
If any institution steals from a citizen, that institution has stolen from the state. That is why when it comes to the notice of the state, that entity is prosecuted for crimes committed against the citizens/state.
Why? Because those citizens are properties of the state. They also pay taxes which are used to pay state lawyers, judges, police, etc as well as the ministers ( some of which cannot use their heads properly but spew out nonsense)
With delayed prosecution or no action by the government in power against this ponzi firm, I wouldn’t be surprised if the government has a hand in its collapse so they can share the loot of this NAM 1.
If you lied to the ppl of Gh by telling them you would reduce taxes when you come to power, why do you blame NAM1 for promising 10% fixed returns. After all, he could sustain his promise for 5yrs as against your party that couldn’t sustain their promise even within the 1st year. Tweaaah

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11-21 17:44
Insensitive and dumb minister
11-22 04:05