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Industry must reach out to academia – Spio Garbrah


2015-10-13 10:23:56
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Industry must reach out to academia – Spio Garbr

If I see the level of ignorance of people in authority I am not always surprised Ghana is moving backward. I am not a university graduate but I think I know better than Spio when it comes to tertiary education affairs. With spios many years in the Education Ministry and as an administrator of the Dominion University I expect spio to know better.
You see, Most universities in Ghana offer general education courses in line with their various academic pursuit and that they are doing it well. Our universities don't train practitioners. The training of practitioners is different from the training of academicians. You don't train a physicist and expect them to do the work of, say, an Electrical Engineer even though the former can do the work of the latter after some training. A geographer is not necessarily a geologist. It is time for Spio Garbra to know that the Era of square pegs in round hole is over since industry does not have the luxury of time to train raw university graduates for about five to six years to meet their specialized needs. I will want Ghanaians to understand that Education is not the same as Training. This is a fact eluding Spio Garbra.

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