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Environmental degradation costs 9.2% of GDP

Comment: The new doctors

The mask
2014-10-31 05:47:27
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Environmental degradation costs 9.2% of GDP

Everyone with a problem should be able to come up with at least one solution to the problem. No solution as an answer is not acceptable.

Countries train their doctors differently and award different degrees. It is time we started conferring Doctor of Medicine degrees to MBChB students who have performed the necessary research projects as some countries do.

The current practice where newly inducted doctors called house officers with no experience whatsoever are left to experiment with (attend to) serious medical cases while residents, specialists and consultants are away must be put to a stop immediately. There must be at least one specialist present 24 hours in three shift rotations to supervise them. Our health system as it is presently is not the best. The situation in the countryside and rural communities is even worse.

Do not doubt the wisdom in these words.

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