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DHL expands network in Sub-Saharan Africa

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2014-03-15 12:40:49
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DHL expands network in Sub-Saharan Africa

Once again Ghana has budgeted a whopping twenty million dollars($20m) to send the Blackstars to Brazil to cement the image of Ghana as a soccer power though other African countries participating in this Mundial like Nigeria, 12 million and Algeria, $5.8M. One might ask why Ghana, a poor country without even one urology center in the whole country is spending that much money.

Folks believe me, we are going to send Party supporters as we did in 2010 in South Africa who disgraced the country by whoring and raping. Now read some of the snippets of what happened in South Africa by NDC foot soldiers under the guise of soccer fans.


Date:2014-03-15 12:37:07

Comment to:COCOBOD vows to protect the integrity of Ghana's c

Feature Article of Monday, 28 June 2010

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

NDC Sent Rapists And wHOres As Supporters To South Africa.

The zephyr being enjoyed by some fans of soccer around the globe in South Africa became a nightmarish experience for some women who have the unfortunate luck to share the same hotel with some NDC "Fool soldiers" masquerading as Ghanaian soccer fans. The behaviour of these NDC rapists and sexual deviates enraged our Vice President he has this to say when he came home with 500 of these supporters. Let me make it clear that, most of these supporters are true Ghanaian soccer fans and patriots who wanted to cheer our Blackstars who are holding the beacon of Africa high in South Africa but the few NDC rapists among them have disgraced the image of our country.

"Accra, June 25, GNA - Vice President John Dramani Mahama, has called on Ghanaians to comport themselves wherever they find themselves in order to reflect the good image of their Mother Land. The Vice President who was speaking to journalists at the Kotoka International Airport, upon his return from South Africa, expressed his displeasure at the conduct of some Ghanaian soccer fans at the FIFA World Cup Tournament. He said it was not right for the fans to abuse the trust that the government had repose in them."

I was enthralled and happy the Vice-President did not sweep the bad behaviour of some of these Ghanaian supporters behaviour under the carpet as our Sports Minister, Akua Densua was trying to do.What criteria did they use in selecting these so called supporters? Did they check their criminal histories? Though the Vice-President did not go into details about the bad conduct he was talking about but two of the most heinous crimes attributed to these Ghanaian supporters would make any decent Ghanaian puke.

Ghanaian supporters at a hotel in Rustenburg, South Africa were alleged to have gang raped a Canadian woman staying at the same hotel with your NDC fool soldiers trying to satisfy their curiosity of sleeping with a white woman. When this came to the Ghanaian journalists covering the soccer tournament and before they could report it, our Sports Minister, Akua Densua, the same woman who said woman staying in school for too long deprives them of life partners, tried to browbeat our journalist into submission from bringing this to the attention of the Ghanaian reading public. Below is her admonishment to the Journalists.

"Stop Negative Reportage About Fans And Black Stars – Sports Minister Warns "

Date: 23-Jun-2010

Minister of Sports, Hon. Akua Sena Dansua, says she is repulsed by the numerous negative information about the Ghanaian contingent in South Africa and has cautioned the media to be circumspect in their reportage and refrain from further publishing or broadcasting of disparaging and unsubstantiated reports about the Black Stars and their general activities at the on-going 2010 World Cup tournament."I don’t know why at this time Ghanaians should be so negative about themselves, while other nationals are even supporting the Blacks Stars to victory we are here wasting time,” she angrily said. She described "those who decided just to travel and write negative things about the team to see themselves as shameful." “I don’t know what being a Ghanaian means to them," she added. The Sports Minister was responding to questions about reports that a Canadian woman had been attacked and "gang-raped" by some Ghanaians at her hotel in Rustenberg, while taking her bath which happens to be where the Ghanaian supporters are lodging. Reports say the Canadian woman was allegedly fondled by the group of men. Though their identities have as yet not been revealed, they are suspected to be Ghanaians since most fans at the hotel are from Ghana."

Why is raping and whoring occuring at where Ghanaian supporters are lodging? A Ghanaian woman also was reported to have been 'raped' by five men at their Muzinda student hostel . I don't know whether this one though can be called RAPE since the woman, though drunk had accepted money in exchange for sex from these men. DID WE SEND RAPISTS AND WHORES TO SOUTH AFRICA to reduce the unemployment figures in Ghana? The bad behaviour of these fans were compounded by the stupid arrangements the NDC officials who used this opportunity to baksheesh their "Fool(foot) soldiers" to South Africa made. Some of these supporters are alleged to have left their hotels and hostels and can't be found. Now they are going to become illegal aliens trying to make a living in South Africa after our tax money were spent of these criminals.

The last five hundred supporters who were sent to South Africa, almost all of them NDC fool soldiers went there without tickets to enter any stadium and ended up demonstrating and blocking some streets leading to the stadium during the Ghana Germany match and South Africa Police had to disperse their demonstration before some paid supporters could enter the stadium.

This Don Quixotic windmill chasing experience by Ghanaians ought to be investigated since it was alleged that, most of the tickets supposed to go these fans ended up in the hands of NDC officials girlfriends. Ghana wasted more than 4.5 million dollars on this foolishness when our school children are schooling under trees. These officials should be arrested for causing financial loss to the state.

Justice Sarpong


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