Business News of Monday, 21 January 2013

Source: Joy Online

Shortage of aviation fuel expected to normalize tomorrow

Oil Marketing Companies are hopeful the current shortage of aviation fuel would normalize by Tuesday.

Some domestic airline operators cancelled their flights for today due to the shortage.

According to the oil companies, they are now receiving supplies from a vessel that has arrived in the country to meet local demand.

Alex Adzew, fuel marketing Manager of GOIL, one of the major supplies of jet fuel to domestic airlines, confirmed to Joy Business a “vessel is already in and pumping, and therefore we expect the situation to normalize tomorrow”.

Mr. Adzew denies that the domestic airlines were not adequately notified of the current challenge with respect to the supply of the product.

The Vessel is expected to supply about 800 thousand metric tons jet fuel which should last for the next three weeks.

Another cargo is also expected to come in to meet local demand for another three weeks.