Business News of Thursday, 13 December 2012

Source: Charles Addo

Telecom expert calls for tougher sanctions on mobile operators

Market watchers in the telecom industry say the National Communications Authority (NCA) must impose tougher sanctions to get telecom operators get better services to their clients.

Some telecom operators have come under fire for some time now over the poor quality of service they render.

Despite the application of sanctions against them by the NCA, the qualities of services provided by some of the telecom operators are still poor.

Recently the NCA directed one of the telecom giants to put on hold the sale of new Sim Cards as well as halt new subscriber add-ons because of the deteriorating quality of its network.

However, a telecom expert Mr. Fouad Challabi speaking on Citi FM on Thursday indicated that the provision of poor services by mobile operators may continue until NCA applies the right sanctions.

He also noted that “the NCA is not really imposing the right sanctions on all operators when it comes to quality of service, for instance if I live in Tema I have good service in Airtel, when I move to my office in Accra I also get service from MTN, so there is no one which is good in all the places in terms of service”.

Mr. Challabi submitted that the only competition in Ghana’s telecom industry now is the price cutting which is not the solution to the telecom sector.