Business News of Monday, 3 December 2012

Source: Participatory Development Associates

Campaign to stop Vodafone from ripping off Ghanaians

A group of dissatisfied customers have started a campaign to stop Vodafone from capping its broadband and increasing its prices in Ghana as their new prices by far outweighs what is charged in the developed world.

Vodafone is now on the verge of charging Ghanaians a whopping price of 200Ghc for 60GB for 30days.

The approach of the British is ruthless and unfair considering that in the UK and Italy 16mbps unlimited data connection goes for less than 40euros that is about 100Ghc per month.

This shows that Vodafone, showing total disregard for the conditions in the poor country like Ghana, would charge two times more than what is the prevailing rates in Europe where it operates from.

Participatory Development Associates, a social advocacy group, have joined the campaign to stop the British company from ripping off Ghanaians.

Vodafone's capping of its services will severely affect internet penetration in Ghana while pricing the poor out of internet services in the country.

"Vodafone Ghana is attempting to introduce a cap on broadband in Ghana. The new packages starting from 15GB valid for 30days @ 65Ghc from the previous 45Ghc for unlimited data will make it extremely difficult to freely use services such as Youtube, Skype, Facebook, uploading of pictures and downloading of programs, movies, pictures and attachments," the Participatory Development Associates said in a statement.

"This will negatively affect and widen the digital divide which all Ghanaians have been working so hard to completely eliminate. Ghana cannot go back the age when internet bills were so high only businesses could afford."

Businesses which depend on fixed broadband will also increase prices and service charges that will make life more difficult to bear.

When customers ask Vodafone why the need for new charges, they simply delete your comments from their Facebook wall.

This we believe is not a good way to treat customers. We will like to petition the ministry of communication and Vodafone to remove the CAP and continue the unlimited service. Kindly sign our petition on the link below and join our group and page on Facebook to help us effectively succeed.

According to the NCA . These are your rights . Lets pay attention to No. 4, 6, 8.

Consumers are entitled to the following statutory rights when entering into telecom service contracts.
1.The right to have access to basic telecommunication services at affordable and reasonable prices.
2.The right to choose from a variety of telecom services provided.
3.The right to have a variety of information to choose from services advertised.
4.The right to select preferred services.
5.The right to be informed about products and services in complete, accurate, simple and clear language.
6.The right to complain and to be heard about quality, delay, quantity and tariff with regard to the nature of the communication service provided.
7.The right to redress, to be given a fair settlement of just claims.
8.The right to consumer education on services being offered.
9.The right to request or access information on bills.
10.The right to be notified about planned interruption or termination of services.
11.The right to opt out of unsolicited electronic messages.
12.The right to privacy of information.
13.The right to enjoy universal access.
14.The right to receive compensation for mis- representation of products or services".

Join the Campaign by Liking the facebook page, joining the group and signing the petition. Something must be done!