Business News of Monday, 3 December 2012

Source: GNA

Attendance at Togo International Fair up

Attendance at the 10th Lome International Fair was more than 200,000 on Sunday.

The main road leading to the fair grounds was closed to motorists, leaving the milling crowd with little option than to trek to the fair grounds.

Some motorists who could not cope with the long traffic hold-up that had formed some distance away from the fairgrounds, had to park either their cars or motorcycles some 200 metres.

Many people who visited the fair in groups were spotted firmly clutching each other's hands for fear they may lose contact.

Some stands at the pavilions were jam-packed with both exhibited goods and curious visitors and shoppers competing for space.

Outside the pavilions was a jamboree made up of elated young and old visitors.

With both contemporary and traditional Togolese melodious tinkling sounds filling the evening air, other parts of the pavilions were dominated with Ghanaian hiplife and highlife songs.

"I love Ghana. It is my second country", many Togolese patrons were heard screaming and waving as they passed by the Ghanaian exhibition stands.

Ghana, which is one of 10 African and Latin American countries participating in the fair, is represented by 31 Ghanaian exhibitors.

The Ghana Export Promotion Authority has over the past five years spearheaded Ghana's participation in both solo exhibitions and international fairs.

Other countries which had ensured Ghana's strong presence in such exhibitions and fairs include Benin, Equatorial Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Kenya and Nigeria.

Though the Togo fair is expected to end on December 10, it would officially be closed to the Ghanaian exhibitors on December 4 to enable them return to Ghana to exercise their franchise on Friday, December 7.