Business News of Monday, 26 November 2012

Source: Philip Kofi Ashon

Mobile penetration hits over 100%

Mobile penetration has hit over 100 percent in Ghana way before the predicted first quarter of 2013.

Several telecom research institutions had predicted this would happen in 2013 but the National Communications Authority (NCA) latest figures as at the end of September shows that total mobile subscription is close 25 million which is more than Ghana’s population.

Meanwhile, market watcher, Fouad Challabi said there must be heavy investment into telecom infrastructure especially data to support the growth.

He told Accra based Citi Fm that “the good thing about it is that fiber exists and exists now largely especially in the main cities. So the use of the fiber when it comes to the consumer has not been utilized highly.”

Mr. Challabi expressed disappointment in Vodafone Ghana’s broadband for the lack of deployment in “customer care, the follow up, the service, the after service because this is a big area where they can capture a lot because there is no way you can compare any mobile regardless of 3G or whatever with a fixed broadband.”

He explained that when this is done, it will give a better, stable, continuous feed “because in some business, in some services, you need a continuous feed and 3G will never give you a continuous feed.”