Business News of Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Source: Comfort Asiamah Darkwa/Global Media Alliance

Vodafone launches innovative fleet manager

Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana, Telecom Company of the year, Vodafone Ghana, today launched an exciting and innovative tracking service specially designed for tracking and managing fleet of vehicles and general mobile assets for companies.

Business customers with five or more vehicles within the SME, corporate and government sectors will now be able to increase productivity and efficiency whilst reducing operational costs and ensuring safety of people and property.

The introduction of this service will eliminate various challenges companies face with respect to the management of their fleet of cars and mobile assets.

Driver idling, speeding, hijacking, fuel and car theft, high operational cost, safety of people and property will now be a thing of the past, with this service which comes with features such as fuel sensors for monitoring fuel consumption, digital cameras for taking pictures around the vehicle, audio voice recognition for communication with the driver, magnetic locks for extra security and coded log-in features for knowing the identity of the drivers.

Ultimately, this product will improve productivity, reduce accidents, improve safety of passengers and reduce costs significantly.

The tracking system includes a GPS tracking device with a data SIM installed in the vehicle and tracking software installed on a computer and accessed by the customer through the internet on real time basis from the comfort of their office.

The customer can monitor a number of vehicles located in any part of the country and beyond simultaneously.

The tracking device will send event reports to the customer via SMS, email or pop ups should any alarm trigger for swift response.

Derek Appiah, Head of Vodafone Business Solution noted that “Our aim is to always empower our customers with products and services which will add value to the day to day operation of their businesses. We are confident that a significant amount of our customer's lives and business will improve with this product. We know that there are similar tracking devices on the market.

“This product is a testament to our promise to deliver unique customer solutions and empower our customer to be fruitful in their business; we have listened to our customers, recognized their challenges and created an innovative solution to meet their needs.