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Kasamore Launches Magic Number

Kasamore Pin-less Calling Card today announced the launch of its Magic numbers for existing pin-less customers. The magic number will allow you to create a Local Number for each of your international contacts. Local Numbers are yours to keep. Save them to your phone, and dial them anytime. Our technology automatically connects the call to the international number. Your phone company treats this like a local call and there are no access numbers, PINs or hidden charges.

The underserved African community has always been our market. Frustrated by companies that prey on the growing African immigrant population because of the complicated manner in which they present rate information, Kasamore created a pin-less prepaid calling card in 2007 to establish and deliver a higher standard of consumer expectations. These same high standards have always been the guiding principles in establishing the company. We never advertise promotional rates like some of our competitors and with us what you see is what you get.

What makes Kasamore different? “The first thing is our focus on the African community since it was founded by two Ghanaian Engineers," said Ama Konadu, Vice-President of Operations. She continues “We believe consumers deserve to know what they can expect from a prepaid phone card, no matter what destination they are calling or company it was purchased from. Kasamore has always dealt with its customers transparently and is now leading the way in outlining exactly what consumers should demand from their prepaid phone cards”.

About Kasamore

kasamoreNew opportunities and experiences may take you far away from your family, your friends, your community, and your country. But living in the United States does not mean that you cannot stay as close as you always have been - and as close as you always want to be.

Kasamore Pin-less International Calling Service is a truly revolutionary service that provides an easy and secure way to stay close to your loved ones. It is a combination of everything you need when making international calls - great rates, crystal-clear voice quality, easy connectivity, uninterrupted calling and value-added conveniences.

Founded in 2007, we share the culture of strict adherence to ethics and strong commitment to social responsibility and community. Built upon this philosophy, Kasamore enables members of the African community living in the United States to feel confident about their international calling experience and know that they can connect with their home countries and pay only for the minutes they use at economical rates. Kasamore is pleased to support the rapidly growing US African community with a service that lives up to the quality standards they expect and deserve, and that helps make it easier for them to stay close to their loved ones across the world.

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