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Chamber of Commerce and Industry to reward companies

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2011-09-10 14:35:41
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Chamber of Commerce and Industry to reward compani

Name: Nana Adjei
I can understand the ignorant of the author but what I find it ridiculous is the comments from folks that it is a well-written article. What is really well-written about this article? Come on folks, where is our knowledge of history; "Our struggle is indeed a struggle of memory against forgetfulness" The author is ignorant and has no historical understanding about colonial relations and how it played out in Africa. Ghettos were created by Whites in South Africa before they handed over power to Black Africans. I cannot believe that an educated person will even envision that Apartheid was good for South Africa. Colonialism was not a partnership; it was an exploitative agenda to take from Africa for the collective good of Europe. To think that the British would have left Ghana better off than it is at the moment is to ignore the state of Ghana when Nkrumah took over.

Name: Dr. Mohammed Kanhz
Typical rubbish from an ignorant good for nothing Ghanaian living abroad. Mr. Emperor you should by now know that there is always an inherent spirit in any human being to be free. Do not confuse economic freedom with the ability to manage an economy. The problem we have is not the issue of being independent but the issue of managing our resources. Yes; we have got a number of Phd's in Ghana; but it is not that they can not assist or develop their own initiatives it is the fact that Ghanaians in the system will not allow the system to operate properly.Please note these uneducated elements are in the majority therefore difficult to undo. The Ghanaian have to change to un change. Yes; Ghana have got all the basic government operational systems in place; Kwame Nkrumah did a good job for us the problem is that the people will not allow the system to work;go to Malaysia and see what is called development from scratch. Emperor; you are the typical Ghanaian -all talk talk and first in the queue to narrate, provide and identify problems but unable to go and do it themselve. if you seem to have some solutions and have identified the problems ;why don't you go back to Ghana and contribute or do something rather than talk talk talk. I think you are very naive and very deficient about how Government operates ;it is not merely having PHd's and qualifications that solves economic problems. Qualifications are merely tools you need to use them effectively.K4 government had the per highest per head qualification in his cabinet but could not solve all the problem; it takes time to build a nation and stop making comparisons because they rubbish and NONSENSENSE.

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