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Agyapa deal clean and transparent, foreseen as being Africa’s largest company – Ofori-Atta

Comment: Shut up if you can't understand it

2020-08-28 17:18:54
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Agyapa deal clean and transparent, foreseen as bei

There is some very high level of thinking going into this Agyapa deal that most of us simply do not understand. But I take one question the Minister asked seriously. Currently, we give mineral concessions to foreign companies at very ridiculously low rates and these companies quickly turn round and sell their rights to the concessions at very high rates to other companies. Can we count how many of the gold, diamond, and oil concessions have changed hands under our watch. So the relevance of the Minister's question is - if it is okay for these foreigners to take our resources and trade with them as they choose, what is wrong if we decide to enter the game ourselves so that we are the ones, not them, trading our resources around? Its a simple question that the against people need to answer. Unless they can give me valid reasons why it is still okay to be bullied around by those who once colonized us for our resources, then let them admit they don't understand a thing from what the government is doing and shut up.

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