Business News of Monday, 19 June 2017


‘UNICOF leadership must resign or be forced out’

Some members of the Union of Industry, Commerce and Finance Workers (UNICOF) have called for the resignation of the leadership of the union challenging their competence and legitimacy to stay in office.

The agitated members led by Isaac Bondorin, an Executive Member of the Tema union, argue that the call for the resignation is as a result of revelations that the National Executive and Management Committee erred in suspending and later dismissing the Unions General Secretary, John Esiape last year.

Mr. Bondorin in a letter demanding the resignation of the leadership said: "the Management Committee, the National Executive Council (NEC) and the investigative panel members who supported, and voted for the breaches and unconstitutional conduct have been found guilty of gross misconduct."

The letter further stated that: "members who have breached the UNICOF Constitution are guilty of gross misconduct. They cannot hold any position in the union and are forever barred from contesting for any position. Members will have to be given the opportunity to review their nominations in the light of the NLC Ruling."

Members who have been found guilty of gross misconduct should resign from their positions or be removed by legitimate means. No member is above the Constitution," Mr. Bonderin stated.

This comes after embattled General Secretary of the union, John Esiape, was cleared of all the allegations levelled against him by the union leadership which led to his dismissal.

According to the National Labour Commission (NLC), the suspension and dismissal of John Esiape was null and void.

UNICOF has therefore been directed to pay to the complainant (John Esiape) all his salaries, allowances, and entitlement as spelt out in the Conditions and Service for the General Secretary, from the date of his suspension and subsequent dismissal, to the end of his tenure of office with interest at current commercial bank lending rates.

The NLC in its ruling said: "The National Chairman of UNICOF, Alex Nyarko, lied under oath when he swore that the Management Committee of UNICOF which appointed a Complaints Committee, in accordance with Article 21 of the UNICOF Constitution and the Complaints Committee, appointed a Panel."

"The Commission subsequently finds that the management committee chaired by the National Chairman acted unconstitutionally in nominating the five-member Panel to determine the complaint" purportedly made against the complainant,the document stated.

Mr. Bondorin, who is an executive of the Union from its Tema region, is said to have the full backing of his colleagues from there and other members from Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi.

He had earlier filed a case at the National Labour Commission challenging the validity of the Complaints Committee set up by the Management Committee chaired by the National Chairman of the Union. He had sought that the NLC declares the committee illegal which was ruled in his favour in the ruling reinstating Mr. Esiape.

Mr. Bondorin in his letter accepted the ruling warning that: "Any attempt to delay the implementation of the ruling by whatever means will be fiercely resisted by members who feel let down and devastated by the humiliation caused by this unprecedented ruling against a National Union.