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The different types of accommodation for rent in Ghana

Devtraco Plus is a real estate company that apartments and townhouses for sale and rent Devtraco Plus is a real estate company that apartments and townhouses for sale and rent

Accommodation in Ghana has evolved over the years. The housing market has seen a significant rise since the 90s. A country once overflowing with compound houses and bungalows has added to its portfolio many luxurious apartments and mansions, especially in Accra.

Let’s take a look into the housing market and briefly highlight some popular accommodation types in Ghana today.

Single room for rent

Let’s start with the most popular type of accommodation, which is readily available to Ghanaians for rent; the single room. This type of accommodation is one of the most affordable types of accommodation for rent in the country. There are two types of single room accommodation; the single room self-contained and the single room with communal facilities.

As the name suggests, it is a room where, if self-contained, has toilet facilities and a small kitchenette in the room. A lone single room consists of just a room. Communal bathroom and kitchen facilities are available for you and other members of the house. This type of accommodation is available for people of low income, new entrants into the job market and newly married couples looking to start life.

Chamber and hall for rent

Another type of accommodation that is a variation of the single room is the chamber and hall. The chamber and hall is one that has a bedroom and another room referred to as the hall to dine in, entertain guests or to just relax in. In most cases, the toilet facility is inside the rooms.

Alternatively, there can be communal toilet facilities. This type of accommodation, like the single room/self-contained, can be found in most areas where there are no residential areas or where cost of living is low.

2 or 3 bedroom apartment and house for rent

Moving away from the single room accommodation type, let’s look at accommodation which most middle-income Ghanaians or those who have larger families can go for. This is the 2 bedroom or 3-bedroom apartment or house where there will be at least two bedrooms, a hall and one kitchen. In most cases, there will be one toilet and bath. With 3 bedroom houses one room will have its own toilet and bath.

This room in Ghana, is referred to as the master bedroom. This accommodation type is preferred by most middle-income Ghanaians due to the price. Renting a house with more rooms, facilities becomes increasingly more expensive, depending on the location as well.

Luxury apartments for rent

As Ghana becomes more and more appealing to expatriates, there is an increasing hunger for high-end apartments in prime areas of Accra. This has provided real estate companies with an opportunity to take advantage of and provide luxury apartments in the city of Accra. These apartment complexes provide a variety of facilities with a high level of comfort and security that is necessary to attract these expatriates. It is, hence, no surprise to see various new developments spring up all over town. With the increased influx of business into the country, the demand for these luxury apartments will remain high.

Owning your own house

Beyond renting 2 or 3 bedroom houses or apartments, Ghanaians would rather own a house and so would resort to building or buying their own home. To ease this hassle of finding affordable housing and building costs for individuals, a lot of real estate companies have constructed large estates which have a range of homes available to a wide array of income levels.

These estates are mini-cities that create safe communities properly planned and serviced with water and electricity amongst other facilities. One way of making the purchase easier for clients is by providing flexible payment plans over the period of construction.

Devtraco Plus is one such real estate company. We are here to provide apartments and townhouses for sale and rent mainly in prime areas of Accra, but also in Tema.

With our variety of townhouses and apartments, there is a market for everyone whether you want to live luxuriously or simply, whether to rent or to buy. Our payment options include