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Business News of Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Source: GNA

South African company launches nasal decongestant

Accra, June 08, GNA - South African drug manufacturer, Merck Pty (Ltd)= , manufacturers of the nasal decongestant, Iliadin, will soon introduce the Illiadin range onto the Ghanaian market.

A statement from the company said the range consists of Iliadin, which contains oxymetazoline for clearing a blocked nose caused by common cold, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and hay fever, and Iliadin=AE Saline to soothe dry nasal passages. It said a blocked, stuffy nose can cause discomfort and can have a variety of different causes. Seasonal allergies, commonly called hay fever, are widespread. They occur only during certain times of the year - particularly during the dry season depending on what a person is allergic to. The statement said another cause is rhinitis, which is inflammation an= d swelling of the mucous membrane of the nose, characterised by a runny nose and stuffiness and usually caused by the common cold or an allergy.

"The range of Iliadin=AE products launching in Ghana will offer reli= ef to many desperate consumers", said Jolene Bellingan, Product Manager for Mer= ck. The statement said the oxymetazoline in Iliadin reduces swelling of th= e nasal passages and unblocks the nose within a few seconds. Available in three variants - for babies from one to 12 months, for children from one to six years of age, and for adults and school children over six years of age - the range clears a blocked and stuffy nose with minimal systemic side-effects. It said Iliadin Saline is a natural way to soothe dryness of the nasal passages caused by air-conditioning, dry environments, smoke and other pollutants, air travel, hay fever and common cold. The safe and natural sal= t solution acts as a nasal moisturiser and is easily administered in a metere= d spray or drops. "We identified the Ghanaian market as being in need of the type of innovative solutions offered by Merck, and as the ideal place in which to expand this product line," said Bellingan. 93We look forward to Iliadin= =AE being well received, and our business in Ghana continuing to prosper and grow."