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Business News of Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Prices of foodstuffs go up in Takoradi

Prices of most foodstuffs in some markets in Sekondi-Takoradi have shot up, BUSINESS GUIDE has gathered.

Prices of most commodities increased because of the hikes in transport fares.

The prices of tubers of yam, maize, beans tomatoes, onion and garden eggs, among others, at most of the markets in the city have all been increased.

At the Apremdo Market, for instance, a small tuber of ‘Pona’ yam, which used to sell at GHC7 in mid May, this year, is now being sold at GH¢10.00 while a big tuber is being sold at GHC17.00.

The price of an ‘Olonka’ of groundnuts had seen a marginal increase from GHC7.00 in May to the current price of GHC8.50.

But there was a slight reduction in the price of beans, which traded at GHC8 from GHC8.50 at the beginning of the week.

The price trend at the mini market at the new Takoradi taxi station was not different.

While prices of some commodities were stable, others experienced marginal price appreciation.

Apart from the price of a bowl of maize, which was stable at GHC7.00, prices of all other commodities had changed.

The traders told BUSINESS GUIDE that the increase in transport fares was responsible for the slight increases in the prices of most commodities.

The prices of a bowl of groundnuts and a sack of onions, which traded for GHC12 and GHC320 respectively about three weeks ago had gone up, trading at GHC14 and GHC350. Similarly, an Olonka of beans also saw a price increase from GHC7 to GHC9.

The cost of a bowl of soya beans had also increased to GHC7 from GHC5, while the price of an ‘Olonka’ of millet had increased from GHC6.00 some few weeks ago to GHC7.00

BUSINESS GUIDE noticed that the story was similar at the Kwesimintsim Market, where prices of onion, maize, gari, beans, millet, yam and dry pepper had been increased on Thursday.

Similarly, a container of onion which sold at GHC14.50 last week increased to GHC16, while a paint container of dry pepper went for GHC15 compared to GHC14 the previous week.

A bowl of beans (Niger type), which used to sell at GHC10 traded at GHC12, while the (Burkina variety) which was GHC 7 increased to GHC 8.

However, prices of tomatoes, garden eggs, yam, plantain and fresh pepper remained stable.

Plantain was selling between GHC20 and GHC32 depending on the size.

The price of a paint container of tomato was selling between GHC12 and GHC35, while onion was selling between GHC55 and GHC60.