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Business News of Thursday, 24 May 2018


Khalmax to hold robotics competition for basic schools

A few years ago it would have been impossible for anyone to believe that a Ghanaian child as young as 7 years and older could create robots from scratch using simple household items and discarded electronic gadgets. However this has been made a reality with the help of a Ghanaian technology company Khalmax Software Systems in their robotics program, the Khalmax Robotics Project.

The Khalmax Robotics Project is an initiative that seeks to empower African students with engineering skills by training them to create and build robots from scratch to solve daily societal problems; as well as learn to apply classroom lessons in solving problems around them.

With presentations and video-based learning, Khalmax Robotics’ six month course offers hands-on robotics training and helps students form weekly robotics clubs, i.e. Khalmax Robotics Club (KRC) in schools across the country as an extra-curricular activity.

By training students in basic schools from the ages of seven to the tertiary level on how robots can solve real-world problems, Khalmax Software Systems and Robotics’ founder Frank Khalid Limann, a graduate from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi believes technology is the foundation for the success of education in any country.

“According to a recent study, Africa is 70 years behind the rest of the world in terms of education. This means while the rest of the world is in 2018, African education is practically operating in 1948!” explains Frank Khalid Limann, C.E.O of Khalmax Software Systems.

“Our vision in Khalmax Robotics is to bridge that gap between Africa and the rest of the world through technology. Our robotics project is aimed at empowering students apply the knowledge they acquire to develop automated systems that can solve real life problems and improve services in agriculture, health, education and other sectors as they have fun.”

The khalmax Robotics Club has empowered students below the age of 13 to create robots such as: Automatic seed planting robot cars for agriculture, color sorting machines and fire extinguishing robots using cheap household materials.

Khalmax Robotics’ philosophy is that building robots should not require a fortune. Students are encouraged to use recycled materials or components like old toy cars and microphones and other electronic wastes to create robots.

RoboCompetition 2018

As a way of bringing out the best in students in a healthy rivalry and sporting manner Khalmax Robotics is introducing its annual robotics competition dubbed RoboCompetition.

RoboCompetition is a one day annual event with the sole aim of fostering and boosting the interest in robotics and S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) amongst children of all ages in schools across the country.

A representative from the Khalmax Robotics Team explains:

“The one day event seeks to bring all KRC (Khalmax Robotics Club) chapters from different schools under one roof. They kids would compete based upon their knowledge in robotics both theoretically and practically as well as demonstrate the operation of the robots they have created during their six months training.”

The free of charge event is open to the general public and the entire educational community. The event will be covered by various media outlets and will feature other exciting activities such as robot demonstration, flying of drones with musical and dance performances. The RoboCompetition 2018 event is expected to attract over 30 schools in Accra with more than 900 students and parents in attendance.

This year’s event will see four (4) schools competing for the final prize with their robot projects as follows:

-Queensland Int. School (primary), Nungua: -- Fire extinguishing robot car.

-Corpus Christi Basic School, Lashibi: Obstacle arm lifting robot car.

-Koncord Academy, Sakumono: Color sorting machine.

-Queensland JHS School: Automatic seed planting robot car.

The RoboCompetition event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 from 8am to 3:30 pm at Queensland International School (JHS) at Nungua barrier, close to the Junction Mall.

You can contact Khalmax Software Systems for sponsorship and more information on +233(0)554775562 or +233(0)205341245. You can also visit their webpage on