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Business News of Saturday, 22 August 2020


Insist for the 10-litre can if you doubt the fuel served you – COPEC to drivers

Executive Secretary of COPEC, Duncan Amoah play videoExecutive Secretary of COPEC, Duncan Amoah

Executive Secretary of the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers Ghana (COPEC), Duncan Amoah has charged all drivers to demand for the 10-litre can distributed by the Ghana Standards Authority to all fuel stations when they feel cheated at a pump.

In his view, having the fuel measured in the 10-litre can will clear the doubts consumers have about the quantity served them.

Mr Amoah added that this action when enforced will help check various fuel outlets in the country.

“Every Ghanaian fuel consumer is supposed to help us monitor and get the right responses from the services that they receive with the companies. If you go to the fuel station, there are two things at place. The pump machine and your car, now the pump machine can be giving you the right volumes, your car could misread. It is, for this reason, the car could be reading rightly and the pump machine could also be delivering probably poorly..."

"...The Standards Authority of Ghana has provided for the 10litre can in every fuel station across the country. If you go to a station and you have bought fuel 100, or 20 cedis and where your gauge should have gone to, the gauge doesn’t go to, immediately request for the 10litre can because what went into the car you cannot see with your eyes but what is put in the 10litre can, you can see with your eyes.”

He stressed that the 10-litre can is supposed to be at the forecourt of the station to serve customers and not supposed to be hidden in the manager's office as mostly said by some of these service providers.

Management’s refusal to bring out the can indicates foul play by the said OMC.

Citing an example to buttress his claim, Mr Amoah said “We have seen instances where some stations will tell you that the 10-litre can is in the manager's office, we insist that the 10litre can is not meant for the manager's office.

“It’s not a trophy, a decorative is for the consumer. It should be at the forecourt when they start selling fuel and so when you are not clear in your mind what has been delivered into your car,” he added.

In such instances, the Executive Secretary of COPEC advised that fuel consumers report these companies to the National Petroleum Authority, the Ghana Standards Authority or COPEC for immediate actions to be taken against defaulters.