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Business News of Friday, 12 July 2019

Source: Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC

Guinness Ghana commits to boost customers’ profitability with ‘Y3n Nyin Mbom’ promo

Business Development Minister engaging the media during the launch play videoBusiness Development Minister engaging the media during the launch

Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC has today renewed its commitment to boost customers’ profitability with the launch of a loyalty program targeting its key wholesalers, retailers and distributors across the country.

Dubbed “Y?n Nyin Mbom”, which means ‘let’s grow together’, the loyalty program will reward customers with outstanding sales performance and innovative ways that ensure products reach consumers.

Speaking during the launch ceremony, Teye Mkushi, Finance Director at GGBPLC noted that the loyalty program is a great way to give back to customers and to add value to their business since they are a key part of the company’s growth and sustainability.

“At Guinness, we believe in creating value for all our stakeholders and we are happy to introduce “Y?n Nyim Mbom” to support our customers who ensure that our products reach the market and consumers everyday”.

The best performing customer and overall winner will get a brand new mini-truck while other prizes for the top performers will include cash prizes of up to GHc 10,000 every quarter, free DSTV subscriptions, television sets and freezers, a bar make-over for the tier one top performer and percentage volume increments.

The Commercial Director at GGBPLC, Obinna Anyalebechi speaking at the launch ceremony said “Our customers deserve the best for their loyalty and support to our brand. We are happy to be delivering a loyalty program that will boost their profits as a result of stocking our products. Their growth is our priority and we encourage all them to be part of “Y?n Nyim Mbom” so we can grow together”.

The “Y?n Nyim Mbom” loyalty program will run from July to December, 2019.

Loyalty Program Mechanics


Beginning July GGB PLC will run the trade loyalty scheme to support its customers to achieve remarkable growth in their business. The scheme will reward customers with a mini truck, bar make overs as well as other amazing prizes monthly and quarterly.

Customers will be selected and rewarded based on their loyalty to the company and the more points they accumulate during the program.

To participate:

• Customers who achieve a minimum of 100 percent on volume will be rewarded with one case for every 20 cases sold.

• Customers who will attain 85 to 99 percent, will also get one case for every thirty cases sold. This attracts 50 points.

• Customers gain extra 20 points for stocking a minimum of 20 cases of GGB PLC brand (FES, Star, Origin and Gulder) whiles ensuring that the products price fall within competition.

• Customers qualify for tier one when they sell 1000 cases and tier two when they sell 600-900 cases monthly. Automatically, this qualifies a customer to enjoy five percent of volume target achieved for our monthly rewards.

• Each quarter, GGB PLC will reward the first winner with GHS 5000.

• The 2nd - 20th customers will be awarded TVs and freezers as consolation prizes.

• The overall grand prize is a mini-truck for the top performing customers.

• For bar outlets, 100 percent of volume achieved will give customers a five percent volume on sales.

• For bar outlets, customers gain 50 points when they sell 100 cases sold which offers them five percent on volume.

• Customers gain two percent when they achieve a minimum of 85-99 percent.

• When customers stock a minimum of three cases of each of GGBPLCs brand (Including FES, Gulder, Origin, Malta, Guinness, and Star) they will gain ten points.

• Customers gain 20 points when they comply with GGBPLCs standard pricing for products.

• Ensuring visibility of GGBPLCs brand at customer’s outlets such as category posters, back bar merchandising and planogram adherence gives the customer 50 points.

• We classify customers under tier one when they sell 100 cases, they fall within tier two when they sell 50-99 cases and tier three by selling 20-49 cases under every month.

• Customers are rewarded with five percent of their volume target achieved.

• Quarterly rewards will include TV sets and bundle of souvenirs for top 10 performers with the highest growth volume.

• The total grand prize is a bar make-over for the tier one top performer.

• Tier two and three top performers will enjoy free six months DSTV activations for the top ten performers with highest volume growth.
Media Fact Sheet

About the “Y?n Nyin Mbom,” loyalty program

From 1st July, GGBPLC will run a loyalty initiative, with the aim of:
1. Building brand affinity and advocacy among its distributors
2. Increasing volumes across the portfolio
The program will run for a year, during which there will be a 360 campaign to celebrate key distributors and outlets, in a bid to drive awareness on the initiative and educate people on how it works.

Theme of the initiative and what it signifies

The loyalty program is dubbed “Y?n Nyin Mbom,” which, when translated from Akan to English means “Let’s Grow Together.” This initiative is specifically designed for our customers to enable and encourage business growth and achieve profitability.

Focus areas of the program

The program will focus on:

• Advocacy, to tell the unique story of GGBPLC and all its relevant stakeholders

• Using stakeholder engagement to drive relevant conversations about GGBPLC across various channels

• Drive awareness of the loyalty program through exciting stakeholder focused activities

The participation and selection process

This program is devoted to GGBPLC customers who fall under the categories of distributor, wholesaler and retailer. This program is specifically designed to reward their loyalty and dedication while enabling and encouraging business growth and profitability. Sales targets will be given to customers each month and by meeting these targets, points will be accumulated to measure performance. Customers with outstanding performance will be selected to be rewarded monthly and quarterly. The grand-prize for the overall winner will be awarded at the end of the year, when the program reaches its climax.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Y?n Nyin Mbom?
A Loyalty program to celebrate and boost customers’ profitability. The reward program, dubbed “Y?n Nyin Mbom” translated “Let’s grow together,” is aimed at creating opportunities for customers to earn more while ensuring that the products reach consumers. Under the initiative, GGBPLC will reward customers with outstanding sales performance. Customers stand the chance of winning up to GHc 10,000 every quarter. Other prizes include a mini truck, free DSTV subscriptions and many other exciting prizes.

With increased sales comes increased volumes and profit for GGBPLC but how does this initiative directly benefit the customers?

It is true that increased sales will significantly impact on the company’s sales target, its volumes and profit. However, think about the endless opportunities this initiative presents to our customers, most significant of these is a business expansion. For instance, the reward of 5% of volume target means, once you meet set targets, you are given 5% of the minimum achieved volumes at no cost to help boost your sales and profit. Also, the cash prizes, TVs, freezers, trucks and DSTV subscriptions are capital and assets that can help our customers expand and improve the services they provide.

How long will the program run for?

The program will run for 1 year. During which customers will be rewarded monthly, quarterly and finally at the end of it all.

What makes one eligible to join the loyalty program?

Once you are our customer, and fall under the categories of key distributor, wholesaler and retailer you are automatically qualified.

Is this program for customers within Accra only or throughout the country?

This loyalty program is for all our customers within the country. In subsequent weeks, we will be going around the country to sensitize and educate our loyal customers on the dynamics of participation.

What are the prizes to be won and how does one win?

Prizes to be won include cash worth ghs5k, TVs, freezers, GGBPLC souvenirs, DSTV/6 month’s subscription and the grand prize – a brand new mini truck. To win, one has to make sure that the minimum sales targets given are achieved. At the end, the customer with the best performance and highest volume achieved wins the grand prize. All you have to do is to make sure you stay within target.

How does one redeem his/her reward?

Winners will be announced and their rewards will be specially delivered to them.

Will the prices of GGBPLC products change within this period?

No, prices will remain the same as the current RRP.

Do you have any plans to partner with government to embark on more of such initiatives?

When the time comes to embark on an initiative together, we believe government will not turn as down and it would be one of immense benefits to the socio-economic development of Ghana.

Media channels for communication

The general public will not be left out of this exciting program. We will use various channels of traditional media to keep the public as well as our customers informed every step of the way. Just stay tuned to your radios and TVs.