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Ghana Property Awards poised to commence certification of Land and Homes in Ghana
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Press Releases of Thursday, 12 March 2015

Source: Henry Kojo Ameyaw

Ghana Property Awards poised to commence certification of Land and Homes in Ghana

Ghana in recent years has witnessed a high increase in fraud reporting of property sales by bogus individuals and report by Tonaton and Lamudi sites indicate a worsening condition. This has prompted the management of Ghana Property Awards to come up with a swift solution to manage the trend.

For the past seven eight years, the ‘Ghana Property Awards’ has been a devoted and dedicated Award Ceremony organized yearly for the movers and shakers of Ghana’s property market. The organizers of the Awards (Property Express Group Ltd.), have consistently achieved and surpassed their goals of ensuring quality and growth in the property fraternity of our economy, and have earned a reputation as a reliable Property Market Player in Ghana and abroad.

This year, the good news is, Ghana Property Awards is poised to commence the certification of Land and Homes in Ghana. In order to undergo this certification, one has to provide the following:

• Three successive owners of the property with current pictures of themselves

• Up to date Property Insurance

• Certificate of certified property

It is salient to note that these details should also include the current owner, two previous owners, insurance policy number on the property, land’s title deeds reference number, and confirmation letter from a law firm or chamber of your property. After meeting these criteria, Ghana Property Awards would issue you with a certified reference number.

The details of the property would also be captured which includes the constituency in which the property is located, the town and even landmarks that would help with easy identification, street name and the property street number.

You could also offer your properties up for sale with Ghana Property Mall, which would link your property to the right audience or market at a non-negotiable fee of 500USD. There is a great deal of benefit for people who would take advantage of this certification:

• There is quick access to loans from the banks in the country.

• There is quick access to solicitors all over the country.

• There is quick access to insurance companies in the country as well.

• The financial companies would have your property data at their request once certified.

• There is healthy, updated and readily available Data for your property at a yearly fee.

• Online credit report on your property is available as well.

Take advantage of this and certify your land and home today!

Compiled by:

Henry Kojo Ameyaw

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