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Business News of Friday, 28 February 2020


GIHOC undergoes major expansion this year

Maxwell Kofi Jumah, Managing Director, GIHOC Maxwell Kofi Jumah, Managing Director, GIHOC

The Ghana Industrial Holding Corporation (GIHOC) Distilleries will this year undergo series of expansionary work both in production as well as distribution channels.

This was made known to Goldstreet Business in an interview with the Managing Director of the company, Mr Maxwell Kofi Jumah.

In the case of production, GIHOC will this year switch to the use of natural fruit
alcohol extracts for the production of its alcoholic beverages. This will take place at the company’s alcoholic beverage manufacturing facility based in Kumasi.

Mr. Jumah also noted that the company was making steady progress towards expanding operations to all the regional capitals and other big towns in the country, as well as to markets outside the country.

GIHOC Distilleries Company Limited was the first modern distillery to be established in West Africa under the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) of 1958, as a state company for the manufacture of alcoholic beverages.

“GIHOC has been the leader in the production of high-quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for over 63 years, and we would continue to produce premium quality brands to meet the demand of its customers,” the Managing Director stated.

Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing

In a bid to provide quality alcoholic beverages for local and the international markets, Mr. Jumah said fruit alcohol extracted from natural fruits, was the best in the world and the company was going to capitalize on the abundance of a variety of fruits in the country.

The Company has over the years perfected the art of distillation, refining, blending and the manufacture of various types of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Among the leading brands of the company are Chevalier Brandy Premium, Castle Bridge Premium, Mandingo, Herbafrik, Takai and Castidingo.

Others are Sorento Sweet Vermouth Wine, Buccaneer Rum, Herbadingo, Apet Dry Gin and recently, Meridian Water.


Plans are afoot to establish offices across the 16 regions in the country as GIHOC’s business booms.

The company will establish new branches both in Ghana and outside of the country. New branches outside the country are expected to be established in South Africa, China and the USA.

Already there are offices in Liberia, Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire.

He indicated that in the next two months, the company will expand operation to at least two regions in the northern part of the country, whereas the South Africa office is expected to become operational soon, as processes leading to the official commissioning of the China and USA offices near completion.

Mr. Jumah said the Company’s products were of the highest quality and the introduction of additional brands was a deliberate strategy to expand its operations to create jobs and also make its products accessible to many consumers in the local and international markets.