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Business News of Sunday, 26 May 2019


Five basic things you need in professional success

An educational/ skills training certificate – these certificates are a proof that you have gone through the necessary education and training to make you successful on the job market. This, along with your CV/Resume highlights other potentials you have like public speaking, your leadership positions (if any), your hobbies which could be beneficial to your place of work and the likes. If you want professional success, this is the first default step, though there are so many other ways, because life is full of possibilities.

Gadgets and internet connectivity – because of technological advancement, you can work anywhere around the globe if you have a laptop, or a tablet, a MiFi device or a modem. This has increased the chances of someone living in Ghana to be able to work for a South African based company. You can have live Skype meetings with your boss or communicate with them through google mail. You only have to ensure you do the work you are supposed to do, even if you do not show up in the workplace physically.

An appropriate collection of work clothes – this may seem trivial but the way you dress, or the clothes you wear in the workplace has a role in determining your overall professional success. In workplaces like the banks, a lady needs a suit or blazers, stiletto heels et cetera. In a more flexible work environment like a creative space, a lady can wear jean trousers, shoulder cut top, nude wedges and even an impressive tattoo! Check your work environment and dress the part. It could help you get a promotion; you may never know.

Ideas – its not really a thing but it’s a thing. Everyone loves smart people! They just simply make life in general easier. In your work environment you should contribute your quota to ensure the overall success of your company and it will definitely reflect in your pocket. Even if it is a different department you have noticed something that could be fixed, just go ahead and let them know. This makes you a resourceful person.

A distraction tool – let me show you how extremely important this is; if you’re working for long hours, you simply get tired, and this reduces your productivity level or your ability to think deep and be innovative, so you need a personal break in between. Lunch breaks are for eating, and you can’t do so much with it. The distraction tool could be anything, mine is that I walk outside the office to the balcony, look into the sky for about 2 mins, and return back to my desk. I become re-energized and I work away! It could be chewing gum for others, whatever works for you, discover it and you will be climbing the ladder professionally.