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Business News of Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Source: The Herald

Feature: Legon ECG promoting activities of ‘Guru Boys’

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About a year ago, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), launched what it called, ‘Operation Get A Meter In One Day’, the laudable initiative was dead, before it even took off.

The worst experience every patriotic Ghanaian, goes through is to follow procedure laid down for the acquisition of anything in this country, for example, acquiring a driver’s license, a passport, registering a business etc, you cannot get any of these in good time, when you go through the normal and approved channel.

Corruption will never depart us in this country, because when a person has to pay to get things done for them, when you also find yourself in their offices, they must also exact their pound of flesh.

It has become a vicious cycle and we all prey on each other.

How long, ideally in a normal and well structured society, where things work, should it take for one to acquire a prepaid meter, a device that is available and is not for free, but for sale?

The ECG district at Legon, by the action of the management is given rise to the activities of ‘Goro Boys’. For almost two weeks now, a simple form that is supposed to be signed by the Manager, for payment to be effected, so that a meter could be issued, is taking forever.

Meanwhile, whiles the frustrations continue unabated, we have evidence of people, who have decided not to go through the normal process and have the means to pay more, are getting meters in two days.

What is it that the manager goes to do in his office from Monday to Friday that, a request before him, which he is very much aware prospective customers are waiting for, cannot be granted.

The decision to sell ECG, has been met with stiff opposition by the workers, who sat aloof all these years through their actions and inactions and watched, whiles the company runs aground.

In this day and age, where even the most difficult task, could be done with a click of a button, we make every task, look so monotonous.

Whoever is the manager of the ECG at Legon, must know that, he is one of the reasons, why the company needs to be sold, when that happens, we are sure, he won’t even have a job.

That said, we urge the authorities at the headquarters to do the needful to make the ECG, the spectacle they want it to be.

In our opinion, there is still time to spruce things and get rid of people, whose actions are dragging the name of the company into disrepute.

To get a meter and it takes more than a month, is not what Ghanaians bargained for.