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Business News of Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Source: FXKudi, Contributor

FXKudi, a Ghanaian Fintech Company is solving payment issues in Africa

FXKudi gives access to Borderless Money Transfer and Power to Pay Online. FXKudi gives access to Borderless Money Transfer and Power to Pay Online.

FXKudi is a Ghanaian financial technology company on the mission to give Africans access to borderless money transfer, give payment freedom and power businesses across the continent.

After launching in February 2020, they have successfully helped thousands of consumers send and receive money across borders.

They launched other products like card issuance for consumers and merchant application for Ghanaian businesses to which they are already providing payment solutions.

FXKudi Money Transfer

Money transfer is one of the fastest growing services in the FinTech industry, but with limited option for people across the world, especially in Ghana.

The existing Mobile Money technology generally accepted in Ghana by Ghanaians and other foreigners/immigrants in Ghanaians an established way of transferring money within Ghana alone.

FXKudi is doing something different, but what are they doing differently?

Here is what this company is doing differently

FXKudi launched their money transfer service exactly five months ago, and the purpose is to give people access to borderless money transfer. Their money transfer service allows their users to send money directly from Mobile Money wallet to their loved ones outside Ghana.

They said "We want to make money transfer the easiest thing to do for our users. Without having a bank account here in Ghana, you will be able to send money to any bank account in Nigeria and other African countries from your mobile money wallet using FXKudi".

They also emphasized on how convenient and fast it is for users to send money using their platform. "People don't have to wait so long to get the money their loved ones sent to them, and money transfer does not have to be so difficult. People need money for different reasons and sometimes it could be so urgent. This is why we made FXKudi deliver your transfer within minutes to the receiver”

In addition, people can also use FXkudi to receive money directly into their mobile money wallet here in Ghana from Nigeria and other parts of Africa not excluding US, and UAE. Indeed, they are giving access to borderless money transfer.

Getting Started

• Download FXKudi on Google Play Store or visit

• Register for free (After registration, then)

• Navigate to exchange

• Choose sending amount and sending currency (10 Cedis, Ghana)

• Select the receiver’s currency (e.g Nigerian Naira, the receiving amount will be shown to you immediately)

• Provide receiver’s account details (Any Bank in Nigeria)

• Proceed to payment (Mobile Money Payment Method)

• That’s it (Naira will be sent to the receiver in minutes)

FXKudi Card, Solution to Online payment

FXKudi card is one of their products launched in April 2020 which allows their users to create virtual card to make local and international payment online.

This virtual card is accepted on Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple Store, Uber, Yango, Jumia, Bolt, and many other local and international platforms of your choice.

This card was designed to give consumers in Africa and beyond, the power to pay online. It doesn't matter where you got your FXKudi card, as long as you have it, you will be able to use it even outside Africa.

- Steps to get yours

• Download FXKudi on Google Play or visit to register

• After registration, login and navigate to get card on web or activate card on mobile app

• Input the name you want on your card (e.g Asamoah Henry)

• Proceed to generate card. You will be asked to make a one-time fee of 35 Cedis and you will get an available balance of $5 to start making payment with.

• After card activation, your card details will be shown to you instantly

• That's it, start making payment online

- Card funding

• You can always fund your FXKudi card using mobile money wallet anytime, anywhere.

• Navigate to fund card

• Input amount you want to fund card with

• Proceed to payment

• Complete payment with mobile money

FXKudi Merchant

One of the most difficult things that slow down the management of a business is how to accept payment from either local or international customers or clients.

As a matter of fact, in Africa, payment processing and acceptance for businesses is cumbersome. FXKudi is simplifying the process of payment acceptance for African businesses, and the simplicity would allow these businesses focus more on other things that matters to them.

"Our merchant system directly connects businesses to their customers, and helps those businesses create a long-lasting relationship between them and their customers". FXkudi Team.

FXKudi Merchant system allows your business to simply accept payment from anyone, using their preferred payment method which could either be mobile money, credit or debit card. Your business will be able to send invoice to anyone, track payment history, and keep payment record. This allows you to keep track of your business performance all in one place.

Your business needs technology to sustain growth, send a mail to or visit their website to get started.

FXKudi indeed gives access to Borderless Money Transfer and Power to Pay Online.