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Business News of Thursday, 27 May 2021

Source: Francis Mike Eshun, Contributor

Cocoa mass spraying gang receives training in Nkonya Wurupong

Mass Spraying Season in Nkonya Operational Area is expected to commence on 1st June 2021Mass Spraying Season in Nkonya Operational Area is expected to commence on 1st June 2021

The Cocoa Mass Spraying Gang in Nkonya Operational Area in the Hohoe-Kpeve District has today received comprehensive training ahead of the upcoming 2020/2021 Mass Spraying Season which will commence on 1st June 2021.

Addressing the Spraying Gang, the Technical Officer in Charge of Extension in the Area, Francis M. Eshun welcomed all the team of sprayers for attending the training. He stated that the training is very important for COCOBOD as well as the safety of the Spraying Gang members themselves.

“It has been the target of COCOBOD to achieve the 1 million tonne target. Many factors contribute to low cocoa productivity, of which the incidence of Black Pod Disease and Capsids (Akate) are no exception”, Mr Eshun stated.

He added that “for the Ghana Cocoa industry to remain competitive and even take its past glories as World’s leading producer requires concerted efforts, hence the criticality of Mass Spraying Gang”.

“This year, COCOBOD has provided Six STIHL SR 420 Motorized Mist blowers to you, which is the highest in the history of the operational area. The CODAPEC Unit has also ensured enough chemicals (Insecticides &Fungicides) are provided in time. These interventions show how COCOBOD values your contribution to the industry’ he added.

On precautions, he stated during spraying do not EAT, DRINK, SMOKE. Always wear COCOBOD provided PPES when spraying make sure to wash your uniform each day after spraying. You are in charge of your safety. The Technical Officer took time to go through the Instructional Manual of the STIHL SR 420 Motorized Mist blowers, especially on areas of safe use and care of the blowers. To reduce risk of accidents, take a break in good time to avoid tiredness or exhaustion. Work calmly and carefully in daylight conditions and only when visibility is good.

The Spraying Gang Supervisor for the area, Mr. Daniel Ansah thanked the Technical Officer for the Training. He also praised COCOBOB for the investments they are putting into Cocoa Mass Spraying, noting that, “these investments will help our farms to produce more”. He also appealed to COCOBOD to consider raising the allowance of the Spraying Gang to further boost their morale.

The other Spraying Gang Members included Mr. Manfred Okyere, Mr. Adade Forson, Mr. Emmanuel Koranteng, Mr. Yao Kumah, Mr. Ediffor Forson, Mr. Eric Nyame Agyemang, Mr. Addae William, Mr. Asamoah Jonathan and Mr. Fred Adjora. The team promised to work hard for the confidence reposed in them.