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Business News of Wednesday, 29 April 2020


'Charitable CEO's set up projects to groom 100 Ghanaian youth into millionaires by 2040

Director of Communications and Board Member of Charitable CEOs, Mr. Eric Affaidu Director of Communications and Board Member of Charitable CEOs, Mr. Eric Affaidu

Charitable CEOs is a group of CEOs, Managing Directors, Directors, and Company Owners who want to support people who genuinely need financial help in education, acquisition of employable skills, and healthcare.

The initiative is to receive contributions and donations from CEOs, MDs, Directors, and Company Owners in Ghana into the Charitable CEOs Fund.


1. Street Aid 2. Skill Development Aid 3. Unemployment Aid


Charitable CEOs Street Aid helps the youths on the streets to turn their lives around. The organization sets aside a fund from which the youths on the streets can apply to acquire an employable skill in the Real Estates industry to help them get off and stay off the streets.

The Communications Director, Mr. Eric Affaidu, believes that there are lots of reasons why the youths beg on the streets. 'Each person has his/her own story to tell, and many of us instinctively want to give money to them because we think they need our help. But giving money directly to people on the streets can keep them on the streets for longer'.

As well as providing practical help to the youths on the streets, Charitable CEOs Street Aid gives CEOs, Directors, Managing Directors, and company owners who want to help the youths on the streets an alternative to handing money directly to them. If you donate to Charitable CEOs Street Aid, your donation is combined with hundreds of others to make a meaningful sum that will make a real difference to someone's life.

Every single token donated goes directly to a selected group of youths who undergo a series of practical training to transform their lives in the shortest reasonable time.

Charitable CEOs - Ghana # 5 Boundary Road East Legon Accra

A Fund to change and impact Lives

tel: fax: mob: e-mail: 0302 0302 0244

950 543 068 981

139 477 / 0262 495 433


Skills development has played a critical role in the history of economic development of countries, where a strong labor demand-driven approach effectively provided required skilled workers in time for industrialization.

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3. UNEMPLOYMENT AID; Charitable CEOs Unemployment Aid approach provides assistance to a selected number of workers or self-employed people who lost work or had work interrupted due to circumstances beyond their control to apply to be inducted into the organization's program to enable them to revive their employment career.

The OFFICIAL LAUNCH will be held in August 2020 at Accra where the Board and the Trustees will be made public.

The organization also believes that putting individual donations or resources together will make more impact than doing it alone as an individual.

Mr. Eric Affaidu, who is the CEO of Priority View Homes, a Real Estate Construction company, in a press statement, encouraged CEOs and Managing Directors in Ghana to consider joining the organization to impact lives.