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Business News of Wednesday, 31 August 2016

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All set for New Africa World Bank launch in Accra

All is set for the launch of the United African States (UAS) Constitution ratification and launching of New Africa’s World Bank (NAW-Bank) on October 20, at the WEB Du-Bois Conference Centre, Ghana, organizers of the event have said.

Africa is undoubtedly resource-rich, beautiful, fertile, and a number of other things.

Yet all we ever hear about is violence, racial tension, the high infant mortality rate, exodus from Africa in large number due to poor infrastructural development and many other challenges facing our continent.

The founding fathers had a vision of a continent united politically, economically and culturally, closing the gaps from anglophone, francophone and lusophone to seeing ourselves as Africans first and foremost.

That is our continent, we belong to one continent. We may, by virtue of history, have been divided by certain boundaries and especially by colonialism. But our founding fathers in 1963 showed us the way and we must take up that teaching that we got in 1963. “That we are one and we must be united.”

My fellow citizens of the Federated United African States [UAS] here in Africa and in the diaspora, it is a great honor and privilege for me to address you through this press release. On this historic-unique day; June 16, 1961; here in Ghana, I had started the writing of the proposal for African Development Bank [ADB]. After writing the proposal I submitted it to Dr. William Edward Burghardt Du-Bois in Accra Ghana.

This is special nation and her historic past contributed to Africa that God has made for all Native Africans and all African descendants in the whole world. We now mark a new dawn for the Africa's New Economic World Order for self-emancipation, self-liberation and Socioeconomic-Financial Integration.

Here and now, is the evidence of the true-green of African Econo-Financial freedom.

Those who worked for and die for the declaration of the Federated United African States [UAS] in order for this moment to come did not die in vain. We are glad to be involved in it. I want you to explore the new horizon with me, because I have seen a better future for all Africans. Yes, we can now see the rising clear blue sky in the horizon; now that doubting clouds in the sky have dissipated.

The rising sun will soon be shining on us. And now, our green grass is growing on the loaming African soil. I want you to know that for the past 55 years; I have been working for this day to come without compensation.

In July 4, 1972 at 16th & U Streets, NW, Washington, DC, USA, Dr. Chris Blackwell, President of Blackwell College, invited me to speak to its graduating students on: “The Roles the Black-Neger is Playing in Africa Freedom and Independence”.

Because I was I trained by both Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Dr. William Edwards B. Du Bois, and I was a Permanent Secretary General of Pan African Youth Movement from October 1, 1964, appointed by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, and I was deeply involved in the geopolitical independence movement of Africa, I used the opportunity to let the blacks in USA know that they are not only beautiful Negros.

Rather, they are Africa-Americans because there is no human being who is “white.” And, that Africans are the natural parents of blacks, brown, yellow, molatos, albinos and that there is African gene in every Caucasian.

From that day on, I had planted Africentric seed of self-empowerment and self-identification in the minds of all Negros who now known since then as Africa-Americans.

In August 5, 2005, I wrote and submitted my proposal for the whole world to become the sixth Region of the African Union for all African descendants in the diaspora to the African Union Constitutive Leadership Summit held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The African Union summit unanimously accepted my proposal and declared the African descendants in the Diaspora the 6th Region of the African Union.

On August 8, 2007, as the Executive President of the United African Diasporan States (UADS), I submitted my request seeking dual citizenship of Africa, with equal privilege to carry and equal rights to claim in the affairs of Africa states for all Africans descendants in the diaspora to the African Union Commission.

On June 11, 2008, the African Union summit held in Accra, Ghana unanimously approved my proposal and declared all African Descendants in the Diaspora as dual citizens of Africa.

My work for Africa?s geopolitical and geo-economic freedom for 55 years? non-stop hard work for the Africans is not in vain, which started June 16, 1961 with Dr. Kwame O. Nkrumah on the instruction of Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and Dr. William Edward B. Du Bois without compensation, is now bearing fruits ready for harvest from now on.

NEW AFRICA’S WORLD BANK (West Africa Region Headquarters – Ghana) I am a native-citizen of Africa and I am calling on all Africans and all African descendants in the diaspora to UNITE IN DIVERSITY and combine their human-technical know-how and financial resources to build the NEW AFRICA?S WORLD where the global ethnic African race will not be poor again.

On March 9, 2003 over 3,500 delegates came representing 66 nations to attend the first Global Ethnic African Race Summit in Washington, DC USA.

During the summit, the General Assembly of Africans and the African Descendants in the Diaspora adopted irreversible and irrevocable resolution TITLED: “FREE AT LAST” that established and chartered the NEW AFRICA?S WORLD BANK. We have inaugurated the NAW-Bank on June 14, 2014 and launched the Programme on July 28, 2016 in Abuja, the Capital of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The West Africa Regional Operational Headquarter to be launched in Ghana on October 20, 2016.

The NAW-BANK will provide INTEREST FREE loans and loan guarantees. It will be charging a fixed service fee per transaction for the life of [any] loan or loan and bonds guarantees issued by the UAS Federal and states Governments, private and public sectors.

All the infrastructures, roads, highways, railways, housing, water, electrical power supply, solar energies; mineral mining; schools, colleges, universities, private industries; mechanized agricultural farming; industries manufacturing of all products and healthcare facilities in Africa will be financed by the NAW-BANK for their self-sustained, at no extra-cost to the Federated Government of the United African States.

All Africa Continental Tolls (ACTS) 100 Years? Master Plan projects and programs will be financed by the NAW-BANK without extra-cost to the African nation-states as self-actualizing and self-sustainable at all levels.

They will operate and generate revenues for the federal and states? governments and they shall be self-supporting and self-sustaining at all times. All loans to the private sector shall be based and guided by the “invest, build, operate and manage [IBOM]” policy.

United African Diasporan States Associated Funding For Africa?s Development: Upon written request by the Federation of the United African Diasporan States in August 5, 2005, under my leadership, it was only the USA and China Governments responded to our request; by establishing their own entities for funding support for Africa?s development: a. United States Africa?s Infrastructures Development Fund USAID FUND started with $350 million. Now has risen over $80.75 Billion. b. China African Development Fund [CHAD FUND] started with $5 Billion and has risen to $30 Billion.

With acts of cordial reciprocation and gratitude, by the United African Diasporan States [UADS] Government as the Builders of the Federated UAS, has resolved irrevocably and irreversibly awarded Africa?s infrastructures developmental projects and programs? contracts to both Countries with [Exclusivity Privilege to carry on with them and their built-in Rights to claim with them]; to use [only] USA/China MADE products as Non-African made {i.e. African Nations-States} products, materials, tools, equipments, machines, human services and funds to implement and execute all the [ACTS 100 YEARS? MASTER PLAN contracts awarded to the USA Government/Companies and China Government/Companies.

Africa?s Economic Investments Trust Fund: The Africa?s Economic Investments Trust Fund [AIF] will derive its funding support from among others sources: 50% from the African Commodity Market and 50 % from the African Minerals and raw materials resources The Africa?s Economic Investments Fund will be operated and managed by the NAW-BANK for the United African States Government.

All the African mining will be financed operated and manage by the NAW BANK. UNITED AFRICAN STATES CONSTITUTION RATIFICATION Yes, we are the citizens of the UNITED AFRICAN STATES. We are the peoples of the World; we are one and united in diversity.

To support, promote, protect, defend, develop and build our [NEW AFRICA?S WORLD ECONOMIC ORDER] is our functional responsibility. With our capacity to perform and our ability to produce the desired results, we have audacity to seek and fined LOVE, PEACE, UNITY and PROSPERITY among ourselves for ourselves.

Because we believe in the dream of our founding fathers that the New Africa’s World will come, that is why we are proud to invite all African over 4.7 billion as the first citizen of the United African States to unite and participate in this historic Constitution Ratification Conference, even though our founding fathers would not be physically present with us.

We can feel their spiritual presence with us here and now. Conclusion My fellow Africans here at home and in the diaspora, I have accepted this multidimensional responsibility for us with its built-in challenges. I know precisely where we are going with the NAW-BANK. With your cooperation, help and support, we shall arrive there safely. I know how we can get there together.

But, it is huge challenge for us. I know that the road will be rough, difficult and hard, but, it will not be harder than the many rough roads which had led us to nowhere before. I ask for your [unity in diversity] for your love, peace and prosperity together; because therein is our strength, capacity to perform and our ability to produce our desired results.

The road could be rough and the hills will not always be smooth or easy to climb. But, with our joint prudence efforts, hardworking and commitment, we will climb them safely to top together. When we arrive at the top, the global African Race will use the benefits of the NAWBANK to eradicate the besetting poverty plaguing the African race. I am appealing to all of us to work for ourselves and to work with others to effect a change, on the task of building and supporting the New Africa?s World.

The challenges ahead for us are both natural and man-made. We will certainly be facing. Bring your energy and willingness along with you to galvanize support for and energize the building of the New Africa?s World through the United African States.

As proclaimed by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in his several speeches saying the last century was Africa?s Independence and that 21st century has been ordained by God for the Africans to reclaim their lost glory, respect, socioeconomics progress, equality and prosperity.

Let us use it to bring harmonious relationships among and between ourselves, love one another for peaceful coexistence with all others for this and the succeeding generations.