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BBC Pidgin of Friday, 2 April 2021


Good Friday: Wetin make dem dey call di day dey crucify Jesus Christ Good Friday?

Good Friday na di Friday before Easter day. Every year, Christians dey observe di remembrance of di crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Beginning from early days of Christianity, Christian believers dey observe Good Friday as a day of sorrow, day or repentance and fasting.

Dis year 2021, Good Friday fall on April 2.

Although dis day na a day of sorrow for Christians, di weekend of Good Friday na di most important weekend for di history of Christianity.

Believers of dis faith believe say na di day wey Jesus Christ die for dia sins, was buried and rise up on di third day as conqueror of sin and death.

But why call am "good Friday," and not "Sorrowful Friday" as di German word for dat day Karfreitag mean?

Rev Fr. Mike Schmitz say, if you look at all di humiliation wey Christ go through and im death, "na sign of contradiction" but again e add say "Jesus, according to prophesy go be sign of contradiction."

Im say di "cross dey 100 relevant" becos for Christians dem see di cross as wey di Son of God take ova dia suffering.

Believers see am as accumulation of suffering and God forgiveness.

Fr Schmitz say, for believers of Christian faith, "di cross go always be di ansa for every challenge we go ever bring before di Lord, di cross go always be di ansa."

For Christians, dis day represent di day of punishment and mercy for di cross and dat na why Good Friday na Bad day and Good day.

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