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BBC Pidgin of Saturday, 3 April 2021


Who be Mohamed Bazoum? Niger don swear in new presido afta failed coup attempt

Niger don swear in Mohamed Bazoum as president, dis na di kontri first democratic transfer of power.

Dis dey come just days afta di gomet say dem prevent an attempted coup by parts of di military.

Di West African nation dey face increase attacks by jihadist groups and serious political tensions for di kontri since dia election for February.

Di inauguration mark di first time one elected leader don hand ova power to another since dia independence for 1960.

Security bin dey tight for di capital, Niamey, ahead of di ceremony, two days afta sojas open fire on di presidential palace inside failed coup attempt.

Di goment say, security forces bin arrest several pipo, wey dem claim say dey connected to di coup on Wednesday.

Niger na one of di poorest nations for di world, according to UN development rankings for 189 kontries. Tori be say di kontri don see four military coup, di most recent happun for 2010.

Who be Niger new president?Oga Bazoum, wey be 61 years, na former interior minister, e win ova half di share of di vote for dia election for February.

But oga Bazoum main rival, Mahamane Ousmane, reject di election result, e claim say mago-mago dey inside di election. Im supporters bin hold big rallies and tori be say violence don increase since di election.

Oga Bazoum na im succeed Mahamadou Issoufou, wey bin step down afta im spend one decade in power.

Last month, dem award di outgoing president one $5m (£3.6m) leadership prize - wey e fit only receive wen e leave office.

One of President Bazoum main agenda for office na to tackle di deadly Islamist insurgency for di west of di kontri

Niger dey experience increase in violence by suspected jihadist, tori be say like 300 pipo don die dis year from attacks.

Last month, Niger experience dia worst militant attack in history, wen suspected jihadists raid several villages, come kill 137 people.

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